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    Ok im having a hard time deciding which couples resort to choose. I have been to another all inclusive resorts a few times and was thinking about making the switch to Couples. Just need some help deciding which one to go to, my main priority when picking a place to go is the beach is swimable and the food is awsome.

    any adivice would be great because my travel agent is a huge other resorts fan and its hard to get straight answers

    Thanks in advance

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    Definately switch to Couples. We have also been to several AI and just returned from our first trip to Swept Away. It was like nothing we've ever experienced. The staff, the food, the beach, the rooms, the all included extras were ALL amazing. Read up on all the resorts and then make your choice. If your looking for a perfect beach, I would say Swept Away or CN.
    Have fun deciding!!

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    i believe most folks on here would say the best beach would be at Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away. The food is awesome at all Couples Resorts.


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    All properties at Couples, the beaches are swimmable and the food is out of this world. Since you are new, check out each one and see which one calls to you. If you like strolling the beaches, then you would want CSA or CN, if you want private beaches then CSS or CTI. Really, you can't go wrong with anything Couples!!!

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    All of the Couples have nice beaches, but they are all different.

    Are you looking for a private beach without Vendors or Locals? CTI and CSS (Ocho Rio)

    Looking for a long beach, but you will have Vendors and Locals walking near the water. CN and CSA (Negril)

    Swimming, (Jet ski free/Vendor free) CTI and CSS. (Ocho Rio)

    Walking beach- CSA and CN (You can walk in front of other resorts, but you will encounter vendors and locals) (Negril)

    Food, they all have awesome food.

    Look at what is included also, each resort includes different activities, that may also help.

    Look at the pictures of each resort and review the information about each resort and ask more questions if you have them. One will call you.

    We love the beach at CTI beach because it is so quite without all the noise from jet skis, boats, or other outside things, but it is not large. Some like a beach with more action and the jet skis, boats, vendors do not bother them, they are after size. It is all about what you are looking for. Some will say that CSA has the best beach followed by CN, that is because that is what they are looking for and expect.

    What part of the Island do you stay before? Negril, Ocho Rio, Run Away Bay, Montego Bay?
    Irie Mon

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    we have only been to CSS and are heading back in a couple of months. We also were looking for the perfect resort and found it in couples....the only issue we had was deciding which one we wanted to try. CSS spoke to us and continues to hold everything we want to do but you have to decide which one of the four is going to have the things you want most....I promise you this long as it is couples, you won't be disappointed!!!

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    Try what we did. We couldn't decide, so we're starting at CN, then will move to CTI.

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    We have only experienced CSA, three times with number four next June. But I am a beach NUT! I love beaches and CSA is one of the best I have been to. I have visited beaches on both coasts of Florida and beaches on the east and west coasts of the U.S. I have to say that the most beautiful "beach" I have visited is at Siesta Key near Sarasota. Whitest and softest sand any where. But the surroundings of that beach are no where near the magnificence of CSA. CSA is a tropical paradise with a great beach to go with it. It is my favorite beach in the world, though I do not profess to be an expert. Just a guy that loves a great beach. It mixes the luxury of the resort with the charm and ambiance of Negril itself. If you are looking for a great resort with great food and a terrific beach, CSA is the place.

    But I think you will be happy with which ever Couples resort you happen to decide on. You won't find too many detractors around here from those that have been to any or all of them.

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    We have been to CN (our favorite mainly because of the beach & pool area) 4 times, CSA & CSS both once each. Before we found Couples, we had done a couple of the other AI's (one of them more than once) but once we found Couples, we have never looked back at the others. You have made a wise decision to check out Couples resorts & you will be glad that you did but mad at yourself because you didn't do it sooner. If the beach is VERY important than CN or CSA is where you will want to try .......... Both have awesome beaches ....... CN's is on more of a private bay than CSA but both have gorgeous white sand & crystal clear water. CSS has a nice beach & is pretty but small with brown sand. Food is great any way you go ....... more choices at CSA but you can't go wrong anyway you go with this.

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    I posted my review a week or so ago about CN. The beach was great and I did not think the vendors were a pain or anything. In fact they didn't other me at all. Jet skis really didn't make any noise either. I am not a big beach fan and really only went to make the girl friend happy. I actually enjoyed myself and would and probably be back again. I know she can't wait to go back. I just have to learn to enjoy flying. The food was great and I was surprised I didn't gain 10 pounds.

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