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    Default Any couples from South Mississippi

    Going to CSS on May 19th thru 21st. Any couples from the coast of Mississippi going?

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    Hey CAJUNBO, We will be on the other side of the island at CN 5/17 - 5/25. We are from Central Mississippi. I hope your dates were a mis-type because you are not going to be ready to go home after 1 day at the resort.

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    Well since we have a south and a central... We are from north ms. We will be on the other side also but a bit earlier... May 1-8 at CSA.

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    Hi! I'm from central MS and living near Natchez! We got married at CTI June of last year, and we are SO ready to get back! We're all set for CN May 28 to June 4! Hoping to do the rounds ...

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    Ooops you are right! We will be in CSS from May 19th thru the 24th. This will be our first trip to a Couples resort.

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    Nice to see all the couples from Mississippi that are going!

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