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    Default Private dinner at SS

    I have looked into the private dinners and I was supplied with all the details and costs that go along with it. I was also given the menu. I am just curious to know if the menu changes? I ask because it has lobster on it however I read that lobster is not in season at the end of April! they asked that I check off the prefferences for our meals and submit the booking.
    If we arrive on the Saturday is it fairly easy to book a Sunday night dinner when we check in?
    is it common that you have to make your meal selection at the time of booking?
    I suppose I am just looking for a little help!

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    The menu does change---since lobster is out of season, that option won't be available. You can call the resort and book your time and place.....sometimes popular locations or particular time slots do fill up.

    Have a a great trip!

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    I would either book via email ( I just did ) or via phone before you get there - the beach and especially the gazebos fill up fast for private dinners. The menus do change and Lobster wasn't on the menu I got. I'd contact the Romance Concierge and get things started! You'll love it!
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    Where do you guys have your dinner? And at what time?

    We booked ours for in the Wedding Gazebo at 6:30 to try and be there for the sunset.

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

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    We booked the beach at 7pm, after the manager's cocktail party. We figure we'll see the sunset one way or another!
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    Hello. I just requested information on this. I will be at SS in April and the menu they sent me had Lobster. I did ask about it being available in April and I was told it was not. When I asked if there was a different menu, I was told no and just to ignore anything with Lobster. I was pretty dissapointed as this really lmits the menu since that cuts out 2 entrees and one of the two soups (so now we don't even get a choice for soup). Is this how your menus looked as well or is the person that is sending me this information just sending me the wrong thing. I would think they would replace the Lobster choices, not just give you less to choose from.

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    Please do not worry. They will replace the lobster with something else, not just remove it so there is less food. I surprised my hubby with a beach dinner in April and they replaced the lobster in the surf and turf entree with large prawns and scallops. If the soup had lobster, they will replace it as well, with something like crab bisque or pumpkin soup. You'll have plenty of food.
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