We're headed to CSA for the first time in just a couple of months, so in the meantime I've been daydreaming and planning what we'll do with our 10 days there, other than soak up time on the beach due to 'sand gravity.'

Sometimes though, at other resorts we've visited, it's nice to take a break and spend a day or afternoon by the pool. I've read that the pools at CSA are a bit on the small side though, so we'll probably check out the pools at CN when we do the trading places day.

But I was wondering, can anyone tell me the difference between the two main pools at CSA (the pools on the resort side, since I gather the one on the fitness side of the resort is a lap pool)? Is one better than the other for space and shady spots? I see that one has a swim up bar, does the other one have easy access drinks too? I'm just thinking ahead, trying to decide which of the two we'd have the most fun hanging out at, when we're ready for a break from the beach. Thanks!