Ok! So my FI and I are first timers. We'll be heading to CTI two weeks from today for our wonderful honeymoon! One thing that sold us on TI were all the inclusions.. one of course being the Falls. Because I'm nothing shy of being a 'worry wart'.. I was wondering how vigorous climbing the falls really is? FI had knee surgery over a year ago which is plenty healed and otherwise we're pretty much both in good physical condition. However, I've seen videos of people falling from holding hands and it seriously looks unpleasant and dangerous!

I don't want to miss out on an amazing trip--which I definitely think this will be. BUT I dont want to ruin my honeymoon, either by falling down the falls at the very beginning of it. Of course I know its going to be slippery... but can anyone tell me if the rocks are super jagged or if its super slippery? Am I just over thinking things? And how is the 'market' at the end of the trip?

Any help is definitely appreciated!