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    Default Another Dunn's River Falls Question

    Ok! So my FI and I are first timers. We'll be heading to CTI two weeks from today for our wonderful honeymoon! One thing that sold us on TI were all the inclusions.. one of course being the Falls. Because I'm nothing shy of being a 'worry wart'.. I was wondering how vigorous climbing the falls really is? FI had knee surgery over a year ago which is plenty healed and otherwise we're pretty much both in good physical condition. However, I've seen videos of people falling from holding hands and it seriously looks unpleasant and dangerous!

    I don't want to miss out on an amazing trip--which I definitely think this will be. BUT I dont want to ruin my honeymoon, either by falling down the falls at the very beginning of it. Of course I know its going to be slippery... but can anyone tell me if the rocks are super jagged or if its super slippery? Am I just over thinking things? And how is the 'market' at the end of the trip?

    Any help is definitely appreciated!

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    If you wear closed toe water shoes with good traction you (and your FI) should do fine. We chose not to hold hands. The guides give you fair warning on which spots are a little tricky.

    As far as the market goes, politely decline and walk fast.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    Okay...we've climbed Dunn's River Falls a couple times and we can tell you that you've got nothing to worry about. The climb isn't any more strenuous then going up some steep stairs (there's lots of breaks along the way). I have a torn ACL (not repaired) and had no problem.

    The rocks are not jagged or slippery but it does pay to have a good pair of water shoes to make the climb easier. The worst part is getting the little pebbles in your shoes along the climb (which you get ample time to remove along the way). It may look as if having people hold hands during the climb is dangerous, but it's really not. In fact, working as a team, each person helps those around them. We haven't seen people falling, though we're sure it's happened, so wouldn't worry about it.

    This is one of those "just gotta do" things you'll be glad to have done. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera as there's also lots of opportunity to take some special pictures to remember it by.

    Have an awesome stay at CTI and climb up Dunn's River Falls!

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    Siouangal3, I'm kinda chubby and out of shape I managed ok. I'm also 49. I wore Tiva sandals and that was a mistake. I kept getting little pebbles in there. Bring some water shoes. I admit, I really didn't want to hold hands with strangers but it was really helpful getting my fat a$$ up the falls. I followed the guide and just stepped where he did.
    We did buy the video at 40 bucks and glad I did. They are very aggressive in the craft market, avoid it if you don't want the hassle. The falls were fun, the water is cold! I don't think we would do it again but I'm glad we tried it. Have fun!

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    From one worry wart to another: you guys will be fine. There are some slippery spots, and this isn't an excursion without its risks for sure, but that's why they require water shoes and why they have you hold hands and help each other along. There were a few couples in our group who were in the middle-age and beyond age groups, and they did just fine. You go slowly enough that there's time to check your footing.

    The market at the end was pretty awful to be honest. It was the one time on our vacation that I felt crabby, but then I really dislike dealing with salespeople of any kind. Just be prepared to either bring some cash and haggle with the vendors and employees (they employees will want to sell you a $40 DVD that they take of your group climbing the falls) OR to walk as fast as you can through the market back to the bus, where you can safely ignore them from the comfort of the van.

    This was a really fun excursion; you guys will have fun for sure. Happy honeymoon! We took ours to CTI at the end of January and loved it so much that we're planning to return next year and to bring some friends along with us!

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    A must do! Rocks are smooth from the constant water flow. You do have to wear water shoes though! No barefoot climbing. I strongly suggest bringing your own from home. They do sell or (yuck!) rent them there. You have a guide and he forms everyone into a chain holding hands to steady each other. You will be shown where to step by the guide and he will also carry your camera and take your picture along the climb. The water is cold and you will get wet. There is a place where you both will stand under a water fall for pictures and take a plunge in a small pool. The lower portion of the falls where it empties into the Caribbean is the most photographed and in many movies including the James Bond film "Dr No". Make sure to tip your guide.

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    I'd love to know the answers to this also. Going to CSS in 11 days! I have a few physical issues from many years of horseback riding and breaking stuff. LOL

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    How awkward would it be to go to DRF and NOT climb the falls at all? We went a couple years ago and I was about to have knee surgery, so I didn't climb the falls, but walked up the steps to the left of the falls while my husband actually climbed the falls. I'd like to go back and take photos and wander the grounds. Is this permissible? Possible?

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    We're just back and didn't find the climb difficult. we had water shoes and they gripped just fine. The holding hands is really helpful as some of the steps up are steep and there's nowhere to hold on to so the person ahead of you gives you a steadying hand to hold. Just take your time and make sure you are comfortable that you have a good firm footing before steeping forward or up. Sometimes because of the rushing water you can't see your feet.

    Honestly, we were prepared for a really difficult time in the craft market but only one person approached us asking us to look at their stuff. We said no thanks and walked on and not a single other vendor bothered us. Walking down the road in Egypt is MUCH worse!

    Couples take you at 0900 so you're there early and if you're in one of the first groups up the vendors will still be setting up when you are going through them.

    Go and have a great time.

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    You shouldn't have any problems climbing the falls. I broke my foot last July and climbed it at Christmas with no issues. You don't have to hold hands the whole way. No one on our trip fell at all. Have fun!

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    Thanks so much for all the in-depth and quick responses!!!! Janda..its comforting to know.

    I'll just make sure that FI and I have a some pretty good water shoes. I told myself when we booked CTI that I would use our honeymoon to help get me out of my comfort zone--some! We'll do it.. im still nervous.. but i think im more excited! Wish us luck guys.. will update on how it was. Again, many thanks for the replies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by keenercam View Post
    How awkward would it be to go to DRF and NOT climb the falls at all? We went a couple years ago and I was about to have knee surgery, so I didn't climb the falls, but walked up the steps to the left of the falls while my husband actually climbed the falls. I'd like to go back and take photos and wander the grounds. Is this permissible? Possible?
    It's not awkward at all to go and not do the climb. There's a place along the climb (in about the middle) where there's a pool of water that you can hang out in while others are making the climb. There's also the craft market that you could explore while you're waiting for your group to finish the climb. We've seen others do this during our visits to DRF.

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    Here's a pic of how you'll climb the falls. Very slow moving and with help from others.
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    Here's just one example of good shoes to wear:
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