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    We'll be arriving at CN on Wednesday for our third visit! For those of you still in the waiting mode, thought I'd share last year's video of CN here:

    My Jamaica Video! - Juniper Disco

    Sticky bun come soon!

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    Loved your video. We will be there Thanksgiving week... but going to CSS in 11 days first! Woot Woot!!!

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    Great video. We will be there in less than 3 weeks now. Very excited!


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    I LOVE your video! Thank you for sharing!!

    If anyone else has videos of your time at Couples- Post them please! They are so much fun to watch!

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    Quite a blog you have there Mrs. Bean!! Have fun in Negril.

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    Thanks for posting the great video of CN! We are first timers arriving March 28 - April 2. Love the video and can't wait - - hello happiness!!

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    THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! We were transformed back there for a little while. LOVE

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    Awesome video! Gave me the chance to see CN and Rick's (neither of which I've been to)....makes me REALLY miss CSA!!

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    Two more weeks and we will be back at CN, I will start production of the 2013 Video! Couples Negril Jamaica 2012 - YouTube

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    Thanks for sharing! What kind of boat excursion was that at the end of the video?

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    Enjoyed watching the videos posted here. Takes me there for a few minutes.
    I've posted this before so some of you may have seen it but here is my slideshow of CSA / CSS in August 2011 if anyone is interested.

    Couples Swept Away Sans Souci Jamaica 2011 on Vimeo

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    Mrs Bean - I will be at CN in August and would like to know what boat excursion that was at the end of the video. Thanks for sharing!

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    I haven't seen a reply from Mrs. Bean, but will say that is very likely the Private Champagne Cruise (optional, extra $ trip) at the end of the video.

    We've not done that at CN, but have at CSS, and the set up was virtually identical (except of course we didn't see Rick's Cafe and instead of Kneil and Ashrayn that you see in the CN video, we had Dwight and Christopher).

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    Sorry to not have replied earlier, we just got back from CN yesterday. (Sigh! The absolute worst part of the trip is leaving!) Thanks so much for all the kind words -- I'm glad you all enjoyed the video! I took a ton of footage this year and will get a new video together in the near future. I have great footage of the One Love Bus Crawl in case anyone is interested in seeing what that is like!

    The boat cruise at the end of this is indeed the private cruise offered through CN. It was wonderful and a great way to use that resort credit! You can sign up for it at the guest relations desk.

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