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    Wanting to plan a return trip to Jamaica. Can't travel until after beginning of June. Looking at weather, humidity and hurricanes. Anyone have advice on a good time to travel? Was there is May last year, was beautiful, a little humid. I know hurricane season is June to November, how bad is it to travel during those times?

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    Hurricane season is highly unpredictable, however, the worst of it is late August through mid to late October. Early season storms - June and July - do occur, but not as often. If you have any concerns, buy trip insurance.
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    Read through the Couples website so you understand the hurricane policies. Do the same for your airline. Research trip insurance, use a travel agent to do this for you if you're not comfortable with it. You can't change the fact that hurricanes may (unlikely) impact your vacation during hurricane season, but if you take the time to learn all the particulars you can make an informed choice if you think it is worth the small possibility that a storm could impact your vacation.

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    We always go at the beginning of October. The weather is generally good. maybe an odd bit of rain.

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    We typically go the last 10 days of October. The past 2 years have not been good (Sandy last year). Moving our 2nd trip to December in 2014.

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    we go early June (88 days) its hot hot hot with a nice short rain shower around 2pm to cool it off.

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    We were at CN in late Oct when sandy hit. Did not lose a single day of vacation...a few adjustments but a fantastic trip. I concur with buying trip insurance and then just go for it
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    We got married at CSA on Oct 2, 2004. Right after Hurricane Ivan hit. The resort did have damage and I wasn't able to have the beach set up that I wanted for my wedding (the equipment had been damaged). But all in all, it was good.

    We are sticking to March/April and late November for our visits. Though next year is our 10 year anny and I want to go back to CSA during that time. Will just cross my fingers!

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    Like everyone has said, the weather is unpredictable. While official hurricane season is June - November, for the past few years, all of the hurricanes/tropical storms have hit the area around October/November. But then again, we also have friends who go in November who have never had bad weather. It's just the luck of the draw.

    Humidity is highest in the summer (July, August). Temps are fairly steady all year round. Rain changes based on the month, but even in the rainiest month you may not see a drop while you're there.

    We have been in January, March, April, May, August and December and it's all just a matter of luck.

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