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    Default Swept AWay and Tower Isle Info Needed

    Does anyone know which rooms at SA have bath tubs in them? We still want their conditioning and television.

    We staying in the garden veranda in May and it was great but would like a tub the next visit.

    Also, which rooms Re the best at TI?

    Anyone have advice on the perfect time to visit SA and TI? We want to do a two week back to back trip with one week at SA and one week at TI. Price, weather, hurricane season and humidity is a factor.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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    There are Garden Verandah rooms with tubs, just ask for them. Also, any of the other "verandah" rooms have tubs. So, if you want to book the Garden Verandah again, just request the newer rooms. You must have gotten one of the original Garden Verandah Suites (the used to be Garden Suites with no TV or minibar). Sounds like a great trip you are planning.

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    The Beachfront Verandah Suite has a tub, TV and A/C.

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    The 'new' Verandah rooms all have tubs. Happy to share the map so you can see which buildings those are -

    There really isn't a bad time to go to Jamaica. We have been in January, March, April, May, August and December.

    Hurricane season is the cheapest. There are about 4 price breaks during the year which you can see on their rate sheet. Humidity is worse in the summer (July, August). Temps are steady all year long. Rains varies with October, September and May being highest on average.

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