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    Default CTI Horseback riding

    Does the horseback riding trip at CTI take the horses into the ocean? That would be amazing.
    Is there a snorkel trip offered as well as the catamaran cruise?

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    No, the horseback ride takes you through a plantation.....which is still a lot of fun!

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    The CIT horse back riding that is included at no extra cost is at one of places in the hills of Ocho Rio, not in the ocean. The trip in in the ocean can be purchased at the tour desk.

    CTI does offer snorkeling trips, every day at 11 am and at 3 pm. They also have a snorkeling clinic at 10 am everyday. (Both are included at no extra cost)

    Catamaran cruise is offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3:30pm. On the catamaran cruise they do make a stop for you can get off and go swimming. (Included at no extra cost)

    They also offer a glass bottom boat ride everyday at 9:30am. (Included at no extra cost)
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    No it doesn't BUT don't miss it. Having been there 4 times now, it is the only excursion we do now, that takes us away from the resort. Oh, and the cat cruise LOL!! Can't miss that!!!

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    Wait until my horse gets a load of me.

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