Last year was our first time at Couples Negril. We signed up for the Couples Rewards, even though we weren't exactly sure what it was for. We are returning to CN in 3 weeks (3/17-3/24). I looked at our Couples Rewards page, but it doesn't have our visit from last year listed. Is this something we were supposed to update ourselves? We just assumed CN management updated those pages since they have all the particulars about our stay. If we were supposed to update it, can someone tell me how to do it or is it too late to add last year's stay? Or were we supposed to see someone specific at the resort to do it? We want it reflected, as well as our visit in 3 weeks, so it will show both trips.

Second question regarding the return guest dinner: Our travel agent put on our reservations that we were return guests so we assume we will be allowed to attend the dinner hosted by CN. Is there someone at CN we should see once we get there to make sure our names are on the list as guests for the dinner? Also, what day of the week will the dinner be? Do we get more info once we check-in for this trip?

Thanks for your help!!!