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    Default Time is all relative...

    It's an interesting commentary on the human psyche. When you're vacation to a little slice of Jamaican heaven is months and months away, when you have the days to go on a whiteboard and there are those three digits constantly staring back at you, it just seems like they never fall off, it never gets closer.

    Once that third digit drops off the count, though...

    All of a sudden the days just seem to melt away off the countdown. You find yourself looking at the days left and thinking "that's ALL!" rather than "how many still?!" You start not only planning things for your trip, but actually doing them (can we fit everything for a weeks' trip in one carry-on? Can we stuff a duffel bag in there too, to have room for souvenirs?) You start to feel just a little happier each day, as you watch the countdown seemingly unwind faster and faster and faster.

    And, on that note, it's time for the wife and I to go out looking at a possible new piece of luggage, as we only have 87 days until we arrive home to CTI!


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    Have fun Jason! We're down to double digits too!!

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    Everyone thinks I'm crazy to have my suitcases out already but for me its easier to put all our stuff in the spareroom and know what we have to have yet. Living in the midwest in winter we have no need for our resortwear or swimsuits right now, so y not.
    As for only a carry-on still not sure about that one husband thinks we can but I want the checked for my shampoos and sunscreens that are too big for a carry-on and of course the souvenirs for our grandbaby.
    Have you been to CTI or CSS before and if so what are the major differences between the two... we never got over to CTI on our last trip.

    May 11 to 18 CSS
    Jeff and Jessame

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    I never countdown anything I'm waiting for unless it's in single digits. Nine months, 9 paydays, 9 weeks, then 9 days. That way I'm always a "single digit midget".

    Scott and June

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    While it's possible to do someplace like CTI with nothing but a couple carry-ons, the wife and I can't do this, if only because we both wear contacts. We've tried to find our saline solution in a 3oz bottle, but no one has them that small. We can find the cleaning solution in 3oz, so we pack that, our glasses, and our contact cases in our carry-on and the saline in our checked.

    We've only been to CTI, so I can't speak of the differences between the two resorts.


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    Jason, it is a phenomenon that I find amazing. It affects everyone who ever set foot in the lobby of a Couples resort. And no matter the age of any couples, we all seem to act and feel the same way about returning.
    We're 33 days from visiting CTI. And even though this will be our 35 visit, we still are acting like kids getting ready to go to Disney world. The wait is always difficult. The excitement and anticipation keep exploding in our heads. The bags sit there half filled, stuff everywhere still to pack.
    And every night, as we sleep, more minutes tick away. The new day that dawns, is just one more that we must get through.

    I think that I'm starting to hyperventilate, I'm going to put my head inside one of the suitcases and snort some left over fragrance of some trips that have come before.


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