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    Default SCUBA question: Wetsuit or rashguards?

    This year, I'm going on one of the SCUBA excursions at CTI. It's been a LONG time since I went diving in open water (tried to get the wife into it, she got through one pool session, then decided she wasn't enjoying it and cancelled. I had gone with her to "audit" the class as a "refresher" for myself,) so I'm already planning to go to one of the early AM resort courses.

    But my questions are:
    • Does CTI provide wetsuits / rashguards?
    • If not, should I pick one up before we go?

    For the closed water session we went to, it was a case of using a T-shirt to keep the BCD from rubbing. If the resort provides suits, then I'm going to save myself the $$$ for now. If not, our local dive shop is having a clearance sale this week...

    I've already got my own mask / fins / snorkel, and while I know the resort provides those as well, I'd rather use my own...

    Thanks all!
    CTI in 86 days!!!

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    I cant speak for CTI but CSS didnt offer wet suits when we were there last. I bet this is a couples resort wide thing to save money. I just wore an underarmour shirt and some swimming trunks and was fine. I think carrying the wet suit would take up a lot of room but go for it if you have room in one of your bags to spare.

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    When we dove at CSA this past November my husband just wore a tshirt and swim trunks. I had on a full length wet suit because I get cold easy. I brought mine, but I do think you can rent shorties from the dive shop.

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    We bring our 3mm shorties and they're perfect. No chafing and not too warm. The resort has them to rent for a daily fee. Wetsuits, masks, fins & shorkels are a must to bring your own.

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    No need for wetsuit unless you feel the cold. A rashguard is all you will need. we dive for 2 weeks and only use a rashgaurd.

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