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    Default Repeaters Dinner

    Can you go to a Repeaters Dinner if you go to a different resort than you were at previously? We are thinking of trying CN next time (CSS was our first Couples vacation). Would we be eligible to attend a Repeaters Dinner at CN?

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    The Repeaters' Dinner is for all Couples resorts. It is not resort specific. In other words, Yes, you can go to the dinner during your stay at CN even though your previous visit was to CSS. You shouuld get an invitation when you check in at CN. If you don't gat the invitation, just ask for it.
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    You can go, a Repeater is someone that has gone to a Couples Resorts before, not necessarily that resort.
    Irie Mon

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    Yes, you are. A visit to any Couples resort makes you a "Repeater"!
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    Yes, you can attend the repeaters dinner. It's not because of repeat visits to a particular resort but being a repeat Couples guest and Romance Rewards member that allows you to attend.


    Bart & Bug

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    Yes, as long as you are a Repeater to Couples, you are invited to the dinner. Enjoy!

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    If you've been to Couples before, you are a reapeter at any resort. Try CN and enjoy the repeaters dinner.

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    I can't wait to experience this!
    Hopefully 8/2010

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