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    What happened to the Photo Contest? I have not seen the winners for Nov - Dec 2012.

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    It takes a while. Sometimes, there are simply too many good pics. Sometimes, they have to sift through all the posts that weren't within the rules, taken by pros, not taken on site, etc, etc.

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    Not sure that the contest is any kind of priority for them. We will see results when they get around to it. Frustrating for those who care but not much we can do.

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    I am sorry, but it is the middle of April. Can we please see the results of the November/December contest at the very least?? Is there anybody out there????

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    I think everyone wants to know if they've won, but don't forget that a brand new resort has also launched.

    Things you lose with the delay = nada
    Things that happen when they DO announce = possible freebies

    Soon come.

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