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    Default um. anyone else Couples before with someone else?

    I'm just curious. I went to CSA back in 2010 with what was my fiancé at the time. We had intentions of getting married at CSA but ended up calling off the wedding completely & still went on the trip. The relationship ended shortly after. (That is good thing). As he wasn't the one for me.
    I loved Jamaica & Couples & CSA so much that a I've never stopped thinking about it. Well when it came to think about mine & my current boyfriend's honeymoon, I couldn't get Jamaica out of my heart. We even looked at the Maya Riviera (which was half the cost) and kinda considered other places. But I just kept thinking about Sans Souci. (I had put CSS on my bucket list after visiting CSA and knew that I eventually had to get there). My boyfriend has never been out of the country or to an all inclusive, so I wanted this to be the BEST experience for him...I have ulterior motives here. If he loves it, we can go more!
    My boyfriend is not a beach person per say, he enjoys the mountains & waterfalls. Which against, led me in the direction of CSS.
    We eventually decided on Jamaica. And trying not to go somewhere I've already been with someone else...I looked at other resorts. But what if try weren't as good as Couples?? And CSS kept calling to me! I researched for days different resorts other than Couples. But CSS kept on calling me. In the end we chose CSS because I can't imagine going to Jamaica & NOT staying at a Couples resort!
    He know that I went CSA with the ex. So he said any resort besides CSA. LOL
    So that's my I the only one who has been with someone else?
    And can I get in on the repeat dinner?! Ha! Ha! But seriously, wonder how that works since I really am but he isn't?
    Happily CSS bound June 29-July 6, 2013!

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    I doubt it. My first trip to Couples was to what used to be COR, now CTI with my ex-husband over 15 years ago. Since
    that time have gone with SO to CSA and CSS 5 times.

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    We've met a couple in a somewhat similar situation, it was her 1st but his 3rd or maybe 4th. They have since married (at CN no less) and have been back together many, many times.

    btw - they sat at the repeat dinner with us despite it being her 1st trip.

    Also we had a repeat dinner with a girl that looked eerily like a girl who sat at our table the year before, but it was a different guy. Turns out, it was the same girl and the prior year guy was her boss (long story on a last minute break-up and that trip with her parents was already booked.)
    Her then-fiance (now husband) on that trip also attended the dinner despite it being his 1st trip.

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    My late wife and I started going to Couples in 1985 when CTI was simply called Couples Jamaica. From there until she died in April 2011, we went back a few times then switched to CSS for a few years, finally settling into CSA a year after Couples acquired it. We went twice a year, sometimes three, sometimes not at all when other travel interfered. When she died nearly two years ago, I had already booked late October 2011, our regular Fall trip, before she took ill.

    I had the amazing fortune to meet Suzi just a few months after the funeral and decided to keep the October reservation if she would go, knowing that it had been the one place my late wife and I had traveled to more than 25 times. She told me she was hesitant at first, trying to imagine going to the same place twice a year, every year. And of course, part of that hesitation was tied to my past. How would I feel being there with someone else. How would she feel, wondering if I was emotionally ready for something like this - an awkward situation indeed.

    But she went and, not so surprisingly, she fell in love with Jamaica. Yes, there were times during that first trip where we would talk about what it had been like in the past with my late wife, and it's good to do stuff like that for those of you who might be in a similar situation. Yet within a day or two of arrival, Suzi slipped into Couples like a old pair of shoes.

    Suzi and I will be returning to CSA on April 12th - her fourth trip, I don't count them anymore. We'll be getting married on the beach on 4/20 and we've already got October 2013, April 2014, and December 2014 booked.

    Short answer to your question: Life goes on. Don't let the past slow you down.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    We have a friend coming with us to CSA this October that went a few years ago with his now ex-wife. He is bringing his new wife this October. I'm not sure if she knows he's already been there with someone else, but if something is good with one person, it'll be good for the next. CSS was a great choice. You are going to love it! Congrats.

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    Hi! Congratulations on your new love! You will have an amazing time at CSS! We are heading back for trip #8 this July! If your guy loves mountains and waterfalls, Ocho Rios is certainly the place to be. Why don't you call Couples and see if you qualify as a repeater? Can't hurt to ask!

    Have a great trip!

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    You are going to a different resort. Think about it this way. Just because you stayed at a one holiday inn with one person does not mean you will never stay at a holiday inn again.

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    great stories, everyone! thank you! & carla lee, you have a great, it was just a little awkard being that the first time I went it was supposed to be mine & my ex's wedding/honeymoon & now this trip will be mine & my current's honeymoon! but he's ok with it
    I was just interested to know others similar situations!

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    Fawnridge -thank you for sharing. I've often wondered if losing your wife meant losing every experience shared with her and would interfere with sharing a similar experience with another if I were ever so lucky.

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    Interesting questions you bring up and one I have thought about often. My ex-husband and I traveled quite a bit and those trips were often the highlights of our marriage. Now that we are divorced, I still like to travel and have introduced my new significant other to some of the islands that I like best. He is very hesitant to go to a resort that I visited with my ex-husband. The island itself doesn't matter, just the resort. I try to be respectful of that and am glad we discovered couples together. He is fine with visiting a different hotel in the same chain (like what you are planning to do) but he prefers to not stay at the exact resort. It has eased over time. My take is that I chose to divorce for a reason. I feel like even visiting a particular resort a second time would be a completely different overall experience because these 2 are very, very different men. I would be excited to show him what I loved about a particular place but for him, he feels like he wants the experience of discovering it and falling in love with it together. I can't really fault him on that so we try new things. Someday, we may try a place or two that I have visited before. We shall see...

    In a humorous twist on the Couples angle, my significant other and I visited CSS in Dec 2011. It was our first couples trip and we were very impressed! When we got back, I raved about it to my best girlfriend and her husband. Her husband is my ex-husband's best friend. When time came around for them to plan a trip my friend and her husband chose CSS. I was ecstatic and made many recommendations. As you all can relate after visiting Couples, you become strangely involved in recommending it and being invested in the experience of others... Little did I know, it was a group trip with my ex and his fiance. While it was a little weird at the time thinking about all the "romance type" tips I had given, now it is just a bit funny..... Puts a different spin on "going somewhere your ex has been" LOL! Goes to show everyone can make Couples their own!

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    I would love to experience CSA with him but he is just not having it! Although I loved Couples & CSA, my time with my ex there was not as pleasant as it should have been. We had already called the wedding off prior to going & really I just did alot of things by myself while he stayed in the room. We werent on the greatest terms at that point. So to visit CSA & it be a more romantic experience would be amazing. Maybe in due time? I'm hoping that if he loves Couples as much as I did, I can at least get him to CN, then to CTI, and work CSA in there! LOL

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    yes i have. i was introduced to couples negril with my ex and his family. we had a blast even though it was a 3 day trip. my ex and i eventually returned for our honeymoon. by then we had been together many years and had a 2 year old son together. unfortunately, we were at the end of our relationship even though we had just tied the knot. fast forward almost two years-my new love and i go to csa to celebrate long overdue paperwork being processed. divorce is official. he is amazing, and very practical. my love had no problem with returning to couples. we both had such a magical trip. he proposed in the cave during the cat cruise. we spent our honeymoon at cti. sooo much fun. last november we did the sr and ended up spending our babymoon at cti. we cant wait to one day get back when our little one is bigger.
    life is good, things change, couples is amazing and everyone should experience it!
    good luck!

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    I visited CSA several years ago with an ex-girlfriend. I was so impressed with CSA that I'm now returning to CSA this Spring with my fiance for our honeymoon. My fiance is level-headed, practical, independent, and low drama. These are just a few of the many reasons why I love her. When I offered up CSA as a possibility for our honeymoon, a place she knew I had been to with an ex, she didn't get offended or insecure... she simply wanted to know more about the place. The more she discovered about CSA, the more excited she became to experience it.

    My fiance and I plan to travel to many places, but I wanted to make sure that our honeymoon is a completely wonderful experience for us. CSA is a safe bet and we can't wait to make our own wonderful memories there together this April.

    My point is, what is in the past is in the past. Perspective is everything. Sometimes people can get their minds and emotions too wrapped up in things that don't really matter. Although I can certainly understand and respect your boyfriend's hesitation, I hope it doesn't completely deter him from experiencing the wonderful place that CSA is with you.

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    I went to CN with my wife at the time, and fell in love with the place. The marriage ended up not working out for several reasons, not the least of which was her colossal addiction to prescription painkillers. In May I'm taking my girlfriend to CN; she's fully aware that I've been there before, but doesn't much care- she knows she and I are going there to be together, so damn whatever happened in the past! Yeah, I love her attitude about that kind of stuff.

    Actually, I'm thinking about proposing to her while we're there. Maybe while we're getting our pictures taken, so the moment can be documented. Or maybe I'll book the private dinner for two deal, and pop the question then.

    At any rate, I don't expect to go to the repeater dinner, because I'm assuming to really be a "repeater", both members of the original couple have to be there. NEXT TIME, tho...

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    Rudi...did you expect the repeaters to leave their significant other in their guest room because it was the significant other's first visit? Gee. I'm glad I received a wonderfully warm welcome at MY first repeaters dinner..attended with my fiancé who had been to over 20. I've provided an equally warm welcome to new people I met at every other repeaters dinner I've attended.

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    Fawnridge-what a beautiful story. You are blessed, and you are both lucky to have found each other and to be able to embrace this place. Congrats on your upcoming wedding- so happy that you are part of the "one Love" ...wishing you many more magical years at's that kind of place! We're working on becoming "regulars" like you, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzi View Post
    Rudi...did you expect the repeaters to leave their significant other in their guest room because it was the significant other's first visit? Gee. I'm glad I received a wonderfully warm welcome at MY first repeaters dinner..
    Suzi - I'm guessing my attempt to provide factual information in response to the OP's question regarding repeat dinner attendance is being interpreted as our expectations on what one should or shouldn't do.

    We didn't have expectations one way or another and, in the first example, would not have even known had the couple not volunteered the information.

    We hope we certainly made those couples (and any other guests at our tables) feel welcomed. Apologies to you and/or the OP if the above post implied there was something improper about attending. That was not the intent.

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    I had to laugh when I saw your post. I used to be a TA and took my boyfriend to CSA in 2006. Everyone in the office loved the Couples brand and I wanted to experience it myself. We broke up soon after (not due to the trip). I got married in 2008 and took my new husband to CSA and CN for our honeymoon and then again in 2009. Well, my marriage did not last long (also not due to the trip lol). Now, I am married for the second time to a wonderful man. We are going to CSA this December. I didn't think it would be right to go to CSA for a second honeymoon (although Ronnie wanted to get married there after I showed him Couple's website). The only problem I encountered was at the spa. I booked our appointments online and received an email that had my ex-husband's name on the reservation. I emailed the spa back to correct it. They appologized and said they just looked at the names on our previous reservations. That would have been awkward if they would have called him by the wrong name when we checked in.

    I agree that I keep getting pulled back to Couples no matter how many destinations or hotel brands I look at. I look at it this way...I want Ronnie to experience my home away from home. I want to make memories with him at CSA and show him why I can't stay away from Couples. I hope that he will want to go back every year from now on.

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    Default Give it time

    Quote Originally Posted by aprila220 View Post
    I would love to experience CSA with him but he is just not having it! Although I loved Couples & CSA, my time with my ex there was not as pleasant as it should have been. We had already called the wedding off prior to going & really I just did alot of things by myself while he stayed in the room. We werent on the greatest terms at that point. So to visit CSA & it be a more romantic experience would be amazing. Maybe in due time? I'm hoping that if he loves Couples as much as I did, I can at least get him to CN, then to CTI, and work CSA in there! LOL
    I had a similar experience, albeit not with the Couples brand, for my honeymoon. My husband wanted to go to the same exact resort for our honeymoon that he had previously vacationed at with his girlfriend before me. I wasn't too pleased about the idea (maybe the fact that his ex-girlfriend kept calling him trying to get him back had something to do with it). Even though I was not happy with the idea we went ahead and honeymooned at that resort. It turned out to be a wonderful honeymoon with just a couple of twinges of insecurity on my part (i.e. did he have a better time with her, is he remembering being here with her, etc.).

    Well, fast forward 16 years and we are still married, still very much in love, and now those few twinges of insecurity I felt during my honeymoon seem just a tad bit silly. We haven't gone back to that resort again, but I would without a moment's hesitation.

    Once you are your fiance are married and have a couple of years as a married couple under your belt, I'll bet he'll be willing to visit CSA with you. The passage of time provides a wonderful security to a couple, and I'll bet in a few years your new husband won't feel as he does now. Good things come to those who wait!

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    I have been going to CSA since 1989 and during that time I was married, got divorced, was single for 12 years with some longer term boyfriends, then remarried in 2006. I shared my love for Negril and CSA with my ex husband, one ex BF and my current husband. I don't really get why it is a dealbreaker for some people.

    It would never occur to me to avoid a resort because my ex had been there with one of his ex's. I would not want to deny myself the pleasure of experiencing a great island/resort with him, that he wants to share with me, just because he has been with someone before me. That is IMO a bit immature but perhaps it is an age and experience thing.

    My husband came to CSA with me for the first time 5 years ago and now we go as often as we can get away to JA. It was never an issue for him and IMO would only be an issue if someone is insecure or uncertain about their relationship or has issues with jealousy on some level.

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    We have met a few people who weren't married down there. Usually one of them had been down there before and wanted to go again. It's not uncommon.

    I had a trip booked once with another girl before I met my wife but I cancelled it.

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