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    Just in process of booking first trit to Couples. After much reading on TA we've chosen CN over CSA. We are trying to decide on room category...need your input...

    Realistically we cn't afford the suites. Our options are Garden, Ocean or Beachfront. We definately don't want road noise and are a bit concerned that rooms on the ground floor could be buggy...

    Any insights from previous visitors would be appreciated.

    Canadian Girl

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    We were at CN last year and really enjoyed our Garden. It was 1209....corner room, close to everything, overlooked the spa AND we could see the ocean to the right. It was awesome! Have a great vacation!!! We chose couples 3 trips ago and haven't looked back. Going to CSA in 35 DAYS...

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    We stayed in an ocean and loved the view...a little garden and a little ocean. Nice middle ground for a good price.

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