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    Default Fake Jamaica! (it's a good thing :D )

    The other night my wife & I had a couple of cocktails in us, began reminiscing about Jamaica and decided to take a quick trip. Using our new "smart TV" (I don't get it...Linda drives) we found a CN picture on the internet and put it on the TV, I ran upstairs and grabbed my CN hat, got a bottle of Ting and spent a brief moment in Negril.

    Not bad, huh?

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    Looking forward to seeing some of us in about 6 weeks (April 11-...).

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    Love it!!

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    Very cool!

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    Hellz yea.....!!

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    Cool! Nice job.


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    Life is good

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    You mean "Its a good Ting", don't you?

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Anything to keep that vibe.

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    This past weekend in NJ it was about 92 degrees and oppressively humid. So after finishing our yard work chores, we set up an inexpensive inflatable childrens pool, poured a Vodka & Ting, put on the Pandora reggae channel and spent a few hours at our "Fake CN".

    This got me to thinking about some of the reviews that you might read sometimes here and on TA & such...

    It is possible to find the down side to anything. But for those of us who have drank from the "Couples Kool-Aid", we look for and appreciate the positive (and there is a lot to appreciate at CN or any Couples property). So while things in NJ weren't exactly perfect this weekend, we were NOT at Couples...but we were able to tap into that vibe and all was good for a little while. (a silly little diversion, but I am fairly certain most people who read this will understand )

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    I forgot to mention that we did this on both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, we recreated a meal from the CN Beach Grill: jerk chicken (with jerk sauce from the CN gift shop), fresh cut French fries (I even got the fryer out) and cole slaw. For NJ, we did a pretty darned good job!

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    Ahhhhhhh, a new outpost, CM, Couples Middlesex!!

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    CM - Couples Middlesex...ha ha ha ha ha! That's a good one! CM will be up & running this weekend!

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