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    Default Just thought of a couple more questions...

    1. According to the website, it looks like most restaurants are closed on Friday at CSA. That's the day we arrive - what are our options for dinner that night? Not sure exactly what they consider the busy season, but we are traveling over spring break. Any chance they have more restaurants open that day if it's busy?

    2. If this is our first time to Couples, do we sign up for Romance Rewards? Are there any perks as a first-timer? There seems to be some mixed information about this on the message board.

    Thanks again!

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    I'm sure the Beach Grill is open Friday night, but not sure about the others. Someone will let you know on that for sure and I'm curious on that one too. And go ahead and sign up for Romance Rewards. As a member you can do a pre-check in (where you can fill out your mini bar preferences) and you can take advantage of the "Trading Places" perk. With this perk you can go over and check out the other Couples resort (which ever one is in the same area) for the day. You are going to love CSA. Let me know if you have any other questions. We go for our 3rd time this October.

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    Fri nite is the Shipwreck Beach party on the beach, weather permitting otherwise it is in the Palms. It is a buffet no matter where it is held. Lemongrass is closed but Patios is open with no reservations needed or Feathers is also open but reservations are needed there. No reservations are needed for the beach party. Have fun and enjoy!!

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    When I looked up the restaurants and bars on the Swept Away website, the only places open on Friday are Feathers and Seagrape (til 6). I figured we wouldn't get reservations on the day we arrive, and Seagrape isn't open that late. Good to know there's the buffet at the shipwreck beach party!

    Counting down the days! Less than a month to go

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    We really enjoyed the food at the Beach Party, plenty to choose from. It's a good time to try some of the local fare, Have fun! Don't worry, there will always be food!

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    We just got back from CSA last month, and Patois and Feathers are both open during the Beach party on Friday evenings. You will be there during the busy season. Bascially, the low season in Jamaica is in the fall (September-early December).

    Margi - the beach grill is no longer open during the dinnertime hours (6-10). That is something new, but it kind of makes sense.

    Go ahead and sign up for Romance Rewards. It doesn't cost anything, and this way you can take advantage of the Trading Places program. In addition, it will also enable them to easily track your nights in case you become a repeater (which you will!).

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    Thanks for the info BobandJudy. We haven't been to CSA in 5 years, but we go back this October. So, does it open back up at 10pm?

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    Does that mean that the beach grill opens back up after the dinner hours on Friday for some late night snacking?


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    Margi - yes, the Cabana Grill reopens at 10:00 p.m. then stays open until 5:00 a.m. If you haven't been there in 5 years, you will like some of the new menu items. They had a yummy tuna salad on a croissant that was perfect on days when I just wanted something light for lunch. They also added a turkey and swiss sandwich, too. They still have the old favorites - Bob thought the jerk was excellent, and the snapper sandwich was as yummy as always.

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