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    Hi to all the Couples family new and old. Can anyone tell me if they have a flag service on the beach at CSS?? Lazy I know but so used to it at CSA

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    Good question and might add would that flag service be available on the SSB as well? That was a very elegant service and much appreciated.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Yes, they do.
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    I believe that they do!!! Island fever makes it hard to get up and down, so flag service is wonderful!!

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    Nope but the beach is small compared to CSA.....

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    In July they did not have Red flag service at SSB.
    Irie Mon

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    I remember them giving me a flag at the regular beach at CSS in april 08 but then we moved to SSB, then to SSB pool so no need for flags.....the beach is not that big and the beach bar is right there just in case......aaahhhh only 80 more days!!!

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    When we were there this past January, they did have flag service on the main (textile) beach. We used it a few times, but the beach bar and the swim up pool bar are so close, that we never had to go far for a drink.

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    we were just there in August and there was no flag service on the main beach- can't speak for SSB, though.

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    No flags, but flag service.

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    thanks everyone, 5 weeks and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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