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    Default Questions for Randy or anyone else who could answer this. I had Gastric Bypass

    I have been to CSA three times before but this time in May I will be coming as a new person (I am 92 lbs. lighter). I had Gastric Bypass July 17, 2012 and wondering do the restaurants cater to people that are restricted on what they can eat. Also do you all have sugar free things? I also want to be able to drink some and wonder what someone would suggest that does not have too much sugar in it. Thanks in Advance

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    Congrats to you!! I had WLS in 2001 and I don't regret it for one SECOND!

    We went to CTI last June. I had no issues at all with any food or drink. Just watch portion sizes, stick to natural foods (fruits, etc.) and you'll be just fine. The restaurants offer a VERY diverse menu so you won't be pigeon holed into eating something with high fat or high sugar. There were many fish and chicken choices, eggs, breads (if you can tolerate bread). You won't have any problem.

    ENJOY YOUR TRIP with your new figure!!

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    Congratulations! I had my surgery back in Feb 2004 and went to CSS (right before they became couples) Oct 2004. CN May 2007 CSS may 2012 (and again for June 2013!)

    Ok here is the skinny, careful with the fruity cocktails (the mixes have a lot of sugar!), and watch your wine intake (if your like me alcohol can get to you quickly. of course you sober up quicker) The menu's are varied so start with proteins, then veg, then carbs, I always have a desert BUT only take and eat a little.
    While I am there I always ask for a half cup of soup, so i don't take up too much tummy room. I tend to eat little and often because I have stomach ulcers and this plan works for me. I do drink lots of cucumber and ginger juice at the mineral bar at CSS. I believe CSA has a juice bar too.

    Go and enjoy, I guarantee that you will not have any issues and wear a bikini, you earned it!!!


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    Thanks Socal..... I sure I will enjoy this trip to CSA just as much or probably more since I am 94lbs lighter now and can get around a whole lot better. I have not had one single problem with food, of course I only eat what I am supposed to eat. I can eat whole wheat bread and crackers. I am so excited. I went shopping for some new clothes, it is very nice to be able to shop in the regular clothes section...........

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    I believe there is diet TING and vodka Ting is a great drink. Also vodka Tonics or wine (they have upgraded their house wine to a nice red and white made for Couples) are also good, lower calorie choices. If you do want a fruity blended drink during the day (with alcohol) you can get a nice fresh fruit smoothie and ask them to omit any sugar syrups and to add a shot of your favorite alcohol. I have had good luck (and some funny looks) when I have requested this. As has been said above, the food part is easy at Couples. Lots of wonderful fresh fish, jerk chicken, fresh fruits and veggies. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for the info and congratulations Keki60.. I always eat protein first 2 oz and the 1/4 cup of fruit or Veg. I have drank wine a couple of times and yes it gets me buzzed fast and then it wears off. I have an ulcer now from two staples coming lose and wearing through my pouch and the rubed and made an ulcer. I always loved the mixed drinks every time that I have been to CSA, but I know I will not be able to drink them this time. They will have too much sugar and I don't want to have dumping problems that everyone talks about. I have never had it and I sure don't want it on my vacation. CSA does have a healty jucie bar across the street at the spa/tennis courts. I am a little over 7 months out and my weight loss have almost at a stand still the last 2 months. I have 20 lbs to meet the doctors goal and 40 lbs to be at my personal goal. On the postive side, I no longer have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, high trig and was on 17 pills a day and now on only 2. We will be there in May... I don't think I am bikini ready yet Thanks to everyone. Lillian

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