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    Default Help signing up for romance rewards

    I am trying to sign up for romance rewards online but when I click the button for new member sign on it still asks for guest number or email. I type in my email since I dont have a guest number but it says that my email is not found. Don't you have to sign up for romance rewards to be able to do a pre checkin? We booked just over a week ago if that has anything to do. I am a bit of a planner and our honeymoon is not till september so maybe it is just because it is still so far away?

    Any help will be much appreciated

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    Are you using a Mac or Ipad (Safari)? If so, you have to use another browser such as Firefox in order to log in. This has been a common problem as of late resulting in many new threads from people experiencing trouble logging in. Perhaps the Romance Rewards info page can be changed to include the info about not using Safari. Randymon, maybe you can help with this?

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    That's exactly what I have been doing! All my computers are mac computers in the house! I will just have to use a friends computer to sign up for them. Thanks so much

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    No problem, it had happened to me too which is why I know No need to use your friend's computer either, all you have to do is download another browser onto your Mac. I've been using Firefox and have had no problems at all!

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