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    We are looking to return to Couples sometime next winter, and we have at least one other couple--possibly two--interested in coming along. From the main Couples website, it looks like only at 6+ rooms does it become truly "group travel." Is this correct? Are we able to qualify for any sort of special rate for bringing others with us? Is there anything that we need to be aware of when booking 2-3 couples at once? We will probably use a travel agent, but I'm still just curious and want to make sure to cover all of our bases.

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    Unfortunatley you do not qualify as a group with 2 or 3 couples, we had 5 couples when we went to CN to get married and did not qualify as a group. Hmmmm, that would have been wonderful. And sadly, other than you get to go "home" there are no other perks for bringing new people with you.

    Although I will say they did take great care of us, so no complaints.
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