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    Want to book a week in december so we see the christmas decorations but dont want to actually be there over the holiday. Any idea when the lights go on??

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    We have been goingto CN for 10 years the first week in December from usually about the 1st to the 9th and they are always starting the decorations the day before we leave. The front desk said they usually go on the second week around the 12 or 13th. This year since Thanksgiving is late we are actually going a week later so we should finally see them lit. Enjoy!

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    We were at CN the first week in December a few years ago (think we came home on Dec. 10th) & they were mostly up .... They were working on them while we were there. We've spent the 18th thru the 26th there the past 2 years & there are extra decorations then from what I recall from the first part of December so would say the closer to Christmas, the more lights & decorations.

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    We were there in 2012 From 15-25 December. One of the reasons we go then is to avoid the commercialism of Christmas in America. The lobby was decorated tastefully when we checked in, but nothing else at the resort would tell you its Christmas at a glance. A couple of days the photographer took pictures of guests wearing a Santa hat. Christmas eve the resort did a beach party type event with Christmas carols as part of the entertainment. The resort is not overly Christmas like if that's your concern.

    Scott and June

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