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    Default The best Penthouse Suite at CSS??? Steven McQueen ?

    This is my 1st time at CSS. We book a penthouse for our 20th anniversary. I have read that D14 Steven McQueen is by far the best. Features of interest: ocean view, private or big balcony, big bathroom.

    What do you think is the best Penthouse?

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    The Prime Minister suite is supposed to be the best overall. It also commands a higher price.

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    D14 is a nice penthouse, it has a full bath and a half bath and a very good view. My only problem with this room is that the balcony is not private at all, it's open on one end.

    We have also stayed in the Prime Minister Suite (penthouse) D13 and it is by far our favorite penthouse, as the balcony is COMPLETELY private.... you can be nude and no one will see... and the views are amazing.

    There also is a jacuzzi tub in this room, separate from the bathroom which is huge and has a gorgeous walk in shower.

    The living room has a tv, as well as the bedroom, and it also has the two bathrooms (the main one off the bedroom, and then a half bath off the living room.

    This penthouse D13 has to be booked as its own room category, it is not included when you book "a penthouse category".

    The penthouses all have gorgeous views from big nice balconies, but not all have actual private balconies, and that is very important to us, but with all the other great features of a penthouse suite it's easy to accept.

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    I love them all, but one of my personal favorites is the Steve McQueen Suite! It was the first Penthouse Suite we were assigned for our first trip, so it holds a special place in our hearts! It has a large balcony overlooking the Main Beach, Beach Grill/Bella Vista, and the Main Lawn. You have 1.5 bathrooms and the main bath has a HUGE walk-in blue tiled shower! Just Awesome!!!! We have also stayed at its next door neighbor, the Roger Moore Suite D20. It has the great balcony and view, but a small shower in the 1 bathroom. We have also stayed in E Block penthouses. These suites have great unobstructed views out to sea over the Mineral Pool. They have standard bath tub shower combos. These suites a midway between the Balloon Bar and Lobby and the Main Beach. These balconies aren't as large but the views are very nice. The one Penthouse in C Block Pavarotti Suite C-8) is Huge! It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchenette. However, the balcony is small with an obstructed view (palm trees) of the Main Beach. The balcony does have a table with 4 chairs and a double lounger. I had many a nice afternoon nap on that double lounger! You will love any Penthouse you receive! Have a great trip!

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