Hi Phillip,
We just wanted to reach out and say hello.
We hope all is well with you and your family...and down at the dive shop.
Gretchen and I are down in Cabo San Lucas. We have been diving several times here with a local shop.
We want you to know how favorably you compare with our experience here!
The main difference is how safe we felt. Your attention to detail, caring attitude and confidence in your abilities made a huge difference. Not to mention better visibility, warmer water and better gear.
We were scheduled for 10 dives and only finished six.
We look forward to returning to Jamaica and spending more time diving with you and the boys.
It looks like our next opportunity to visit will be in 2015, but we're looking forward to it even now!!
Say hello to everyone for us!!
Best wishes to you,
Mike and Gretchen

Ps. We are sending a copy of this to couples as well. We hope they know what an asset they have in you and Nichalos and the boys.