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    Default CSS: One Bedroom Beachfront suite....which building?

    Hello all,

    My wife booked a One Bedroom Beachfront Suite for CSS for next week and I'd like to hear thoughts on which building is best. I know Couples can't promise anything but I'd like to at least ask. I'm looking for whatever building (and floor) has the best view of the beach/water. We don't really care if it is loud from the bar/restaurant and we don't care about climbing to the third floor if that has the best view.

    I appreciate your advice!


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    We stayed in B, A building has the pool, and beach bar in the front of it. The 2 & 3 floor have a little more privacy, since the ground floor everyone walks by you.

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    Hi preilly,

    We are counting down to our first visit to Couples, and will be staying at SS also. I have been doing TONS of research for over a year now, while waiting for our time to leave. In doing my browsing, it seems to me that B block has a more straight shot view of the beach/water. You have the open lawn, and then sand. A block still has ocean views of course, but you have the pool and Beach Grill between you and the Ocean. A 2nd or 3rd floor B Block ( or maybe 3rd floor A Block) room should get the best view for you. If anyone who has actually been there can confirm this, that would be much appreciated.

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    Use the search function! There was just a very helpful thread on this topic I think you'll find helpful!

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    There are only 2 floors and my wife and I prefer the first floor because you've got a walk-out patio and we'll just leave our slider unlocked and not worry about taking a key. We did get locked out once because the maids locked the door while we were gone but it was not a big deal to let us in (except that we had to wait a while...island time).

    I think there are 2 buildings for the beachfront suites (A&B i think) and I don't think either have a view better or worse than the other. Maybe someone can speak to the view from the second floor but like I said, we prefer the first. Building A is the closer of the 2 I think to SSB but they're basically right next to each other.

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    My husband and I recently returned from our stay in the B building. Our balcony had a nice view of the beach and of the open lawn. I really enjoyed our view. The entrance overlooked some gardens and a walkway, but in the A building, the entrance overlooks the pond, which is gorgeous. The balconies in the A building overlook the pool and swim-up bar. I preferred the balcony view of the B building, though.

    As far as which floor, we were glad we were not on the first floor. People walk by frequently, and we liked not being so easily seen on our balcony. That's just our personal preference. Hope it helps!

    Enjoy your stay!!!

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    we have been in A block twice. First time on 3rd floor second on 2nd floor . Both had beautiful views. Frinds of our were in B block. B might just a hair better.
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    I wish I could post a picture of our view from our three stays in Beachfront at CSS. I'm just not computer literate enough! What people have said here is true, the higher up (2nd or 3rd) the better and B block is more straight on. We have been in B block twice, the last time the room closest to Palazinna and we never had noise issues. (It made getting to food and drink easier during Hurricane Sandy!) Enjoy your stay and have a Dirty Banana and Hummingbird for me!

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    We like B block. Views of the lawn and ocean. The lawn view is great before an event!

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    View from upper floor room Block A

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    Looking up from beach to block A

    Name:  block a 2.jpg
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    We love B building, ground floor. Easy in and out of the rooms straight to the beach, pool, or bar!
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    Hi Preilly,
    We have stayed in both buildings A and B. From our perspective, both are great. Building B does provide a more open view of the beach/ocean and the higher the floor, the better the view. Building B is closer to the food and drink also, which many prefer and yet far enough away as to not be distracted by noise. On the other hand, Building A is closer to Sunset Beach (the AN beach) which many prefer. Either way, you can't go wrong... Enjoy

    And we will be there for 9 wonderful day beginning May 7th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klstrike View Post
    We like B block. Views of the lawn and ocean. The lawn view is great before an event!
    I agree. We also love the ground floor.
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    We had a beachfront jacuzzi suite when we went and LOVED it! We were on the first floor, but cannot remember what building we were in. The parrot was just outside out door and we were next to where they have the breakfast buffet. This was the view from our room. Name:  100_1147.jpg
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    View From top floor in B Block

    Name:  B Block View 2.JPG
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    We moved to G Block because we liked the view better. A lot more stairs but well worth it. Here was our view from G Block

    Name:  G Block View 3.JPG
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