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    Default love for the message board

    I would just like to say thanks to Couples for providing us with this message board! It has made researching my trip to CSA in May so much easier. Now that I've got my bestest most important trip planned, I'm trying to work on a ski trip to Snowshoe for New Year's. Their website is nice, but there is no feature like the message board to find out details from other regulars who have been there. It really is going to be a shot in the dark to see if I pick the right lodging, location etc.

    I just wanted to point out how great this is (not that you didn't already know...) and say a big THANK YOU to the fellows that run this board!

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    I'll second that. One more reason we all love Couples!

    For your other trip try Tripadvisor.

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    I would like to point out another thing. If I am not mistaken, Randy and Ivonna were the only two people taking care of this board. They had to read all of the incoming questions, concern, suggestions, etc. and that was not all they had to do. So putting time in to this board has to be balanced with all the other activities that they to deal with. I seem to remember reading that they were going to be hiring another person. I don't know if that happened.
    This board, much like Couples , serves a wide range of very interesting individuals. And for my money, they do one Hell of a job!!

    Thanks guys


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    I totally agree. I've just gone through several weeks of trying to plan a trip. I wanted to see other islands, and as a treat for finishing school, my husband told me to pick a place I wanted and he would go along with anything. After torturing myself all over the Internet trying to find a place, we booked Couples again. Aside from the fact that it's about impossible to find another place with the amenities Couples provides for anywhere near the price, there just wasn't anywhere to go to get good information. You can read reviews on Tripadvisor but you can only do that so much. This format is so much more conducive to finding information you need. Thanks, Couples!

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    The boards have a ton of information and were very useful for our trip to CN a few weeks ago.

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    We've been to Jamaica & Couples several times in the past 11 years & I still learn a LOT of new stuff about both from reading this MB. Wish I'd have had access to it back in 1998 when we were planning our first trip to Jamaica. The newbies do not know how lucky they are.

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    Isn't this MB great! I discovered it when first researching where we should go for our first all inclusive vacation a few years ago and it is really what sold me on trying CSA. Now that we have been twice (trip number three coming up in Feb.) I find I am completely addicted to this MB. Love keeping in touch with members. Last Feb. when we were at CSA we actually got to meet a few of the people we had talked to here in person, it was great. Couples is like no other. Once you go, you will know!

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    Yes !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Randy and Ivonna
    I discovered this message board in "03 and have been to Jamaica and Couples every year since.
    There are truely some wonderful people that post on this MB.

    Thank you all !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree. Love the MB...totally addicted and am checking for updates 2 or 3 times a day. 23 days to go.....yay for sand, sun and love.

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