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    Default CSS - Best room, Private dinner and Returning Couples Night

    We are booked at CSS June 26- July 3. Never been to CSS, only CN to date

    We have a one bedroom Ocean suite, can you suggest the best room(s) to request?
    Best place to reserve a Private Dinner, I heard the Wedding Gazebo is the best?
    We are returning Couples, the dinner is on Wednesdays (same day as we arrive). How can I ensure my reservation since we will likely arrive at 4PM?


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    We like any room in G-block...though G-05 has been our favorite.
    Dinner in the wedding gazebo is, in our humble opinion, the best!
    You should be able to arrange this via e-mail or phone directly with CSS.

    You're welcome!

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    Request any one bedroom ocean suite OTHER THAN D9 or D11

    These two have non existent views and tiny balconies with minimal uncomfortable furniture (two metal chairs and a metal table)

    Request a room up in block G... these are WONDERFUL one bedroom ocean suite rooms, and look like the picture on the website.

    As far as the private dinner, yes the wedding gazebo is perfect, private and very romantic.

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    We had our private dinner at the checkerboard down by the spa. I won't repost the pics here but you can see them in another thread asking about the private dinner here on the main board.

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    Thanks for the feedback, looking forward to our trip!

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