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    Default How to use Romance Reward Points at CN

    I have $100 in Reward Credits to use how exactly do I use them up?
    For example I understand I can get Miller Lite in my mini fridge at an additional cost and was thinking it would be nice to have a different beer available.
    When you check out does CN check to see how much reward $ you have and subtract from the amount you spend such as at the onsite shops?
    Thanks for any help

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    All additional charges are billed to your room. When you check out, your account is settled, taking into account any reward dollars your have. Any balance owing is then charged to your credit card you supply when first checking in.

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    You can use resort credit for the gift shops, spa, private dinner, photography, and some diving expenses, like night dives, certifications, etc. My wife usually uses $50 for a massage, and I use $50 for alcohol and foodstuffs at the gift shop.

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    Charge it to your room and they'll take the credits off at check-out.

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    Hi Barry,

    After nine trips to CN, the latest in December after the mini-bar change, I've never heard you can get Miller Lite for an addl charge. In December, we weren't able to get Lite AT ALL, just Red Stripe and Carib.

    We spend our resort credits on spa treatments, sunscreen, rum cream to bring home, gifts or anything in the shops. Sometimes you just want potato chips, you know?

    We also allocate some for photographs. The resort photographer will be taking photos of you as you dine, on the beach, or anyplace else you may want. They're about $15 each, or you can bring the .jpgs back on a cd for a charge. Go to the photo booth, and pick the ones you're interested in. They will put them in a special folder on their computer, then you can choose which ones you want on your last day.

    You will just charge everything to your room, and when you check out, they will deduct your credits from your charges. We like to go to reception the day before we check out, and double check our balance. That way, we know how much we have left to spend our last day.

    Enjoy CN - it's heaven on earth.

    Beergirl for my Couples videos

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    Great thanks for all your replys, I'm saving my credits for a night dive Whoo hooo

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    Miler lite in mini fridge at additional cost would be a great option!!!!

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    When you check in you will be given a letter stating that you have resort credits, be sure to take that to the front desk so they can note it on your account. Other wise check out can be a little slow.
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