The penthouse suite looks far superior to the one bed ocean suite. Has anyone been in both who could attest to, or refute this? We like space and a decent bathroom. We booked an ocean view suite for June this year (third visit to CSS!) but have always found the bathrooms to be small and dated (pretty much the only criticism we have of CSS - if it is a criticism at all as it's obviously not a deal breaker!). The bathrooms are generally clean but but not quite up to the modern feel. We know that there are suites with more modern bathroom facilities and I was wondering if the penthouse suite was worth the upgrade (we are there for 14 nights so its something we would like to consider). Photos would be great if anyone is tech savvy enough to post some up! The 360 degree video is good but it only covers one room.

Thanks in advance for all your responses.

From the cold and damp UK.