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    Default fm radio stations

    I'd like to bring just a small portable am/fm radio but not sure if I can pick up any stations. Does anyone know??
    We will be arriving back to paradise Jan. 23-30th.....can't wait!!

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    In CN we picked up 107.9 and it was a great reggae station. Didn't think I would like it but it had a nice variety of music.

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    yes, you should pick up several.
    Irie 107.5 or 105.1 and 92.1FM were a few I believe.

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    Irie FM broadcasts on 2 or 3 settings on the dial...depending where on the island you are one will pull in better than another..very good

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    I will be bringing a portable XM radio. I suspect that I should be able to pick up the satellite. Anyone know for sure?

    Thank you.

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    I loved couples negril , had better luck getting music standing on my head than the radio though......wish I brought my ipod

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