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    Default November 2010 Honeymoon

    We will be taking our honeymoon Nov 7-14. Any other couples honeymooning at CN that week?

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    We're getting married at CN on November 6, and are staying until Nov. 14. Can't wait!!

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    We are getting married Nov 6th also (back home) but are really excited about our honeymoon! It is a must needed vacation! 232 and counting until wedding! Congrats!

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    We will be there Nov 10-15 for our 10 year anniversary!

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    Its going to be our first time to Jamaica too!

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    Harry & I will be there Nov. 10 - Nov. 17 with 2 other couples. Our 4th time. Took off from vaca last year to buy hot tub for our deck. Well worth it but ready to get back home.

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