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    Default Help. Weather nightmare next week!! 3/4-3/11

    So we booked our vacation for our first time to Jamaica and CN about 3 months ago.
    We have been watching the weather every day in anticipation for our trip.
    Every day for the last 3 months it has been perfect. Now, we are looking at the extended forecast and it looks like it's going to be raining in Negril pretty much every day next week.
    For those of you who have been there before, is this typical? Does it usually rain for a short period of time or should we look at
    moving our vacation to a different date? We have been stuck in the MN winter way too long and have been looking forward to this vacation badly. We won't be able to handle being stuck in a hotel room for a week because it's raining. Thanks in advance!!

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    that is always the report when we go in may.last year it called for rain every day,it rained 1 day for 2 hrs thats it.enjoy

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    L&H - no problem mon! take a look at the forecast temps and they are all around the beautiful average of 84 degrees even on the "cloudy' day the temp is at 85f. Also look at the precip % per day and it is like 10% except for the 6th at 30%. That likely means a passing shower or two may be possible, but they would be brief and bloody bay is usually spared all together. It will be our 5th time to CN/csa and last year we had more rain (very heavy at times) but predictable and a minor nuisance that it chased us off the beach a couple of times BUt we still had a blast! March weather is the best.

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    L&H - We were there last year at the end of May. It rained 2-3 days, but never over 30 minutes. Most of them were only 5-10 minutes. This year, we are going mid-March so we have no idea what to expect then. It really doesn't matter though, as long as we can lay on the beach and drink all day, we will be happy campers.

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    Weather was perfect with the exception of a little rain on wed night.
    Love this place.

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