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    Default Romance Rewards????

    I just signed up for the Romance Rewards program, we'll be there in May. From what I've read here, it's helpful when asking for certain things such as your mini bar in your room. I read that you can pre request certain items by going to the home page but I don't see where, can someone help please.

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    On the Romance Rewards page is a link on the left for Pre Check In. You can request your mini bar items there and it also has a section to add a comment. I'm a first timer (in May) but am all ready to Pre Check In ourselves. Hope this helps.

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    Go to the Romance Rewards page (link on bottom left). Under the picture of the couple holding coconuts, there is a link for "PRE CHECK-IN". Sign in.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    You look for Romance Rewards WAY at the bottom of the page. Then you go to Pre-check in (on the left hand side) when you're ready to do that. You can choose what you want in your mini bar from liquor to sodas!
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    it is part of the Pre-Check in! there is a list of things you can request. I am not sure to how many check marks you are aloud to to check off at a time though!? maybe someone of you repeaters out there could help with this question?!

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    Jennifer- go to the very bottom left corner of this page and click on "romance rewards" Log in with your romance rewards # and it will direct you to the pre-check-in. You should be able to pick your mini bar choices. Good luck

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    You can find the Romance Rewards at...

    Romance Rewards Levels & Login for Couples Resorts

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    Hi! Go to the bottom of any page and click on Romance Rewards. When you get to that page, under the photo will be a list of options. Just click on pre-check in

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    Thank you all so much, very helpful!

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