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    Default no early bird guarantee

    I was thinking Couples used to offer an early bird guarantee... where if you booked early and then a better deal or promotion came along, they would allow you to take advantage of the better deal.

    I had booked a trip to CSS thinking it was a great deal (7th night free promotion)... and then two months later they come out with a 7th night free AND $300 resort credit offer. Our trip (May 2013) was within the date range they advertised but our attempt to add on the resort credit was denied.

    We would like to book our 5 year anniversary trip for the following year (2014), but now relunctant to book early and lose out on a better promotion.

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    Not sure of the technical aspects of your situation, but if not within the 45 day cut-off, I think you can change to a better deal if offered. You may have to cancel your existing booking and then re-book, i.e., a new booking. Several years ago we saw a later offering within the same time period we had booked and it was changed without any question. If you are working with a travel agent, it may just be an agency issue. If you have not done so, you might want to talk directly to Couples and explore what are your options if the other offering is still available. Wishing you the best

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    You dont say the details of what happened when you tried to rebook for the better deal? Were you attempting to completely cancel and rebook? Or were you just trying to add the credit?

    We cancelled and rebooked for a better deal just a few months ago. No problem.

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    They still do, if a better deal comes along just call and they will change your reservations.

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    Interesting, we have always been able to rebook to get the better package.

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    I don't know about the early bird guarantee, but I think there is a better price guarantee...but if a better deal comes up, you have to cancel the old reservation and rebook, as far as I know, and risk actually paying more to get the additional credit. I didn't think you could just add the credit on, but I could be wrong.

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    I believe they will honor all better deals except for Wed specials. I feel like I read that somewhere. We booked a trip in Dec one year and then in March they added a special where $500 in credits were added. So we cancelled the first one and booked again. This was done through our travel agent and not direct though.

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    The best deal guarentee policy did read "If you find a better deal after you make your reservation, we will match it so that the deal you get is always the best available." It now reads "We may agree to authorize the best deal".

    Last year, we had the same issue. Our TA told us that the better rate was for new bookings only, but she finally called Couples and they authorized the better deal (thank you Couples-we booked directly with you for 2013). We actually booked for 2013 last April-I know we won't find a better deal (7th night free & $500 resort credit). If something similar came along we would go ahead and book for 2014. I'm a little more restrained about jumping the gun for a good deal only to find a great deal later with no certain guarantee. I also can't imagine with the Couples reputation of excellent customer service that they would say no!

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    Hi guys, yes I was just trying to get the resort credit added on to my existing reservation... but they wanted me to cancel and rebook... but the place was sold out that week... and therefore rebooking would risk not being able to go at all. Since we paid for trip insurance ($240 worth) we would lose that and have to pay for trip insurance again. So technically they didn't deny me getting the better deal... but...

    It just doesn't seem fair that someone who booked two months later than us gets a better deal... as you know they are just trying to fill up the empty rooms. Wish they would appreciate us early bookers.

    I wanted the credit so my wife (two back surgeries) could get a massage during our trip. Sure seems like they could just add the resort credit. Why do we have to cancel and rebook and lose insurance?

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