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    Default What about Lemon grass

    Our 5th trip soon come to CSA and we've never tried Lemon grass. My honey can't eat spicy. I like spicy but not crazy spicy. Would we be able to enjoy something there. It looks like such a beautiful place to eat. 44 more sleeps

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    I dont eat spicy at all and loved the food at Lemongrass. They have the menu marked with what is spicy..

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    You will love the food! I'm shocked you haven't tried it yet. The food is definitely not spicy and if you are worried while you are there, just tell your server that you don't like hot/spicy dishes. You will love the atmosphere and the food. Try to get one of the first reservations of the night (6:30?) and then you can see the after effects of the sunset. Ask to be seated out on the verandah. Enjoy!

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    I took us about 5 trips before we tried Lemongrass and we just love it. It is not spicy at all, at least not what we order. The appetizer sampler is soooo good!!! Lemongrass might be our favorite actually and we wished we would have tried it sooner!!! Enjoy!!!

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    Thanks redinthehead, can't wait!

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    They have non-spicy things. I can't eat spicy either. On our 3rd trip this past Jan., we finally tried ! we should have tried it before !!! Boy did we miss out our first two trips ! It was fabulously delicious ! And the atmosphere is perfect with a beautiful sunset. We tried to book another night before we left and they were full. I would book it first thing, so you can get another night in there. Also, we had never gone to the Martini Bar that is upstairs across from Lemongrass....big mistake as well. We went to the Martini Bar and had a couple drinks before our reservation. We will do that again as well.

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    My fiance loves hot and spicy..not me. We eat at Lemongrass 1-2x every time we go to CSA. Beautiful, romantic atmosphere. You'll love the menu! Sounds like you'll be there same time as us...we're there 4/12-21...getting married on 4/20!

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    There are not-so-spicy dinners available for sure, but they are also more than happy to either tone down the spice, or even jack it up, on anything on the menu if you request it when you order. Lemongrass is our favorite place to eat at CSA. Years ago they did not require reservations and we would eat there almost every night. Ask if they have ginger ice cream for desert!

    Side note; Lemongrass is a great vantage point to take pictures of the entertainment downstairs in Palms later in the evening.

    Have a great trip!

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    The food is good but sitting there and looking at the tops of the palm that's as good as it gets. Ask your server about spicey if you have any concerns.

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    I to can't believe we haven't tried it yet. I'm definitely signing us up early in the week. The patio area looks really fun. I've decided we are doing a bunch of different things this trip as we don't know when we'll be back. So excited, thanks for all your comments!

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    Honestly, most of the food is fairly non-spicey. When we were there last month, they provided condiments on the side that Bob could use to spice up his food. If you can, try to get a 6:30 reservation. There is something so beautiful about sitting on the balcony and watching the sunset. You can enjoy a martini in the Martini Bar while you wait for dinner. Heaven!

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    We always get to Lemongrass early and have a few at the Martini Bar, and then eat. We LOVE sitting on the balcony - there's nothing more romantic than those awesome stuffed chairs, the tiki torches, the moon and stars and your honey.....

    Oh, and try the Pad Thai. Not too spicy, and delicious!!

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