My husband and I are considering booking our first trip to CSA for this November or early December. However we are a bit worried that the resort would be too quiet at that time. We are social people and would like there to be a lot of other couples at the resort during our visit. We also would like to go off-resort a bit and try some local restaurants and nightlife, but I've read that a lot of places close in the low season.

We know that CSA is not a party atmosphere so we are not looking for that type of scene. We are just looking for an upbeat, fun atmosphere where we can socialize with other fun people. It would be great to meet other people who we could meet up with for drinks, or at the nightclub, etc.

We would prefer to visit in the spring during high season but our schedules won't allow that. So we're thinking about November or early December. Could someone please let us know what the vibe is like at that time?