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    Default Fresh Flowers for the room

    Anyone order flowers for the room -
    work direct with Couples staff - or order via the web prior to departure?

    Either way, any feedback or guidance is appreciated.

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    We've done it, you can order through the Romance Concierge if you want them to be there when you arrive. Just click on Weddings, then packages, then on the left hand side click on enhancements, then on Romantic Touches. There are some flowers there, or you can simply ask for a tropical Flower arrangement. To do this, you can click on Romance Rewards at the bottom of the page, click on Romance Rewards coordinator on the left. When the form comes up - just change "Romance rewards coordinator" to "Romance Concierge" and fill out the form.
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    Last May we were there for our anniversary and my husband ordered flowers for me that were delivered to the room. He just went to concierge the day before and it was no problem mon. He was able to pick the time of delivery so he knew to have me in the room at that time. It was a beautiful arrangement.

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    Awesomeness. Thanks for the responses. Makes sense.

    Not sure how I thought it could be troublesome all things considered.


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