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    Default Favorite CSA Activity

    What is your favorite activity to participate in at CSA. Something that is on the activity schedule so drinking, lounging, swimming, and the offered excursions don't count.

    We are heading back and I am wanting to try more stuff this time whether it is tshirt making, basket weaving, massage class, etc.
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    I think mine is the cat cruise!! I love swimming through the caves

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    Sand gravity rules us, so you make this very difficult!!

    Other than the included activities which we can only occasionally pull ourselves from our chairs and/or floaties to enjoy, we enjoy parasailing and walking the beach.

    Does this count??

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    Walking the Seven Mile Beach every morning. We go north one day and south the next. Bring a few dollars when you go south as there are several small shops and locals selling souvenirs.
    Couples is also one of the only resorts that lets you bring the lounge floaties out into the Caribbean waters. That overpriced "S" resort does not! Floating on the calm warm waters on your float is amazing. While out there on a nice calm day walk around in the water between waist and chest deep to find the occasional live starfish on the bottom.
    Finally, the sunset catamaran trip. Lots of rum punch served, the shoreline from CSA to Rick's Cafe to see, and a chance to swim into some caves is so much fun. If you are adventurous you can drop down into the net on the front of the cat to ride in the waves! Book it early as you may want to go again! Remember to bring money to tip the cat crew as they are not Couples employees.

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    Definately sand gravity!!!!!!

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    Singin' with Ulti at the Aura Lounge.

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    We loved snorkeling. I think we did it two or three times. Enjoy!

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    When you go snorkeling make sure you get everyone to push for the "Mexico" site as it has more fish as well as a canon and anchor to check out.

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    We love the snorkeling and walking the beach in the morning. The cat cruise was also very nice you got to swum in the caves it was near. Also do the cradts an activities that are set up during the day last time we made a hat, wove a basket and did jewlery making they bring locals for these.

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    Marital relations with my wife.

    Life is good

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    My husband and I did a basket weaving class while we were there. We grabbed a drink and enjoyed sitting in the sun doing this.

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    I thought the beach bonfire was unique and very romantic. The free scuba class with included dive was something you can't get at other resorts either. We enjoyed the private beach dinner but was a bit long. If you do this, ask to have the bottle of wine so that you can bring it back with you as a keep sake. It has the couples logo on it. My wife and I liked renting a jet ski from the people next door. You can talk them down to about 30 for an hour and take it exploring if you dont feel like walking the beach. It is a neat way to see some of the other resorts etc.

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    Cat cruise was great even in the rain! I did the basket weaving three days, two days I made a basket and hubby swam in the pool right there by where it was going on and the third time he made a basket. The instructor is great. Hat making looked fun and the man teaching it was nice, we didn't do this. Water activities are great too. And lastly a great one is Marley shots at the swim up bar!

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    Sitting on the beach and listening to all the sounds.

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