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    Hi, We have just booked to go to CN for Christmas/New Year, can anyone tell us what goes on, are there any 'themes' and where do we find this info.
    Cant wait, and really excited; its our first time!
    many thanks xx

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    Hi, We'll be staying at CN as well then (23rd - 29th) and I had a similar question.
    Using the search function on the forum, I found a few things from Christmases past that might help.
    I'm not entirely sure they'll be doing any of this again this year

    The place is decorated throughout the resort for the holiday.
    They've had carolers walking around the resort singing before.
    In previous years they had a Santa come in either by parachute, boat, jet ski or walk in and give out 'presents' like food and drinks.
    Expect reggae versions of Christmas songs.

    One thing I did not see was is they were doing any type of Christmas dinners at CN or if there was a special menu.

    Either way, we're super excited and can't wait to spend our holiday on the beach.

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