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    Default Booking early/flight question for Randymon or whoever else can help :)

    Wanting to book our Honeymoon at CSA in May of 2014 I understand flights cannot be booked until 11 months prior. So with that said if I book now for out honeymoon can I add flight onto our package later?? Or would that have to be a separate purchase altogether. If anyone else has ran into this situation what did you do and did you have any issues? PLEASE HELP Really want to take advantage of the seventh night free and $300 resort credit

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    We have stayed at Couples properties several times over the last few years and have never booked a package but have opted to take advantage of early booking promos (like the one they are currently offering). We have simply made our accomodation reservation with Couples direct and then kept an eye on flight prices. Not sure where you are flying out of, but this year my husband and I found a great flight price with Air Canada. We are flying direct from Toronto to Montego Bay and booked our flight about 10 weeks before our trip. I would highly suggest this as an option...we have got some great deals travelling this way! Perhaps we are just lucky but it works for us!

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    Airline rates is quite a challenge and in most cases does not make any sense. Like Sun Kissed noted, we have not not booked as a package. If you are in Canada, it seems as if Air Canada always offer very attractive rates. We live in one of the most costly airline hubs to travel out-of (Charlotte). We have met folks that have traveled from the West Coast, or Northeast through Charlotte and their ticket pricing is several hundred dollars less that if just Charlotte to Montego Bay -- Crazy...

    We also find that usually real early booking is not the best deal as airlines often adjust their pricing down to fill the plane -- but the whole process is a crap-shoot. Wishing you successful searching.

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    We always book flights later because we book ours so early to get the credits. You just add the flights later under the same travel insurance policy. No problems.

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    We did that last year. We booked early to get the promotions, then booked the airfare later ourselves. It allowed us to stalk the airlines for the best fare (which we did) and I think we actually came out on top!
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    Thanks i think i will try it your way we will be flying out of Michigan

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    We have also always booked far in advance and booked our own flights. Not much of a choice as I see it when the room is booked so far in advance and flights are not available. I monitor flight prices and have had pretty good luck. I'd say book the room now and book the flights later elsewhere. Have a nice trip.

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    Thank you everyone for you wonderful advise! I feel much better about booking early and adding on flight later on we will by flying out of Detroit or Columbus (we live right in between) so which ever is the best deal I guess. My only fear is that the day we are supposed to arrive is the one day they will not be flying to Jamaica :/ I will be crossing my fingers that luck will be in my favor

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    My fiance and i are headed to CSA in JUne 2013 and we booked the resort back in early 2012. We just waited to book airline tickets closer in. We still got a great deal on both the resort and the flights.
    Don't worry too much about it

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    If this worst case should happen you can always adjust your travel plans by a day. We have always booked direct with Couples and have had no difficulty whatsoever when needing to make changes to our original reservation. Hopefully this won't happen but if it does, you are covered. Good luck and have a great trip! We are leaving on April 3rd for a split CTS/CSS stay and will be booking our 2014 April trip before we leave to take advantage of early booking promos.

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    Me and my fiance ran into this. We ended up booking our resort stay in March for June the following year, and then just booked airline tickets 11 months out. One thing to be aware that we have ran into is with booking airfare 11 months out is that the flight tends to change (Delta).

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