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    Default Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Randy-mon --
    Is there any chance of adding stand-up paddle boarding to the water sports at Couples Negril? It originated in Hawaii, but it's getting increasingly popular here in the Charleston, SC, area. Visit for more information on the sport. While the initial photos show people going through waves, it's actually perfect for calmer water, i.e., Bloody Bay.

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    I talked to my Negril expert, he has lived in Negril for the past 10 plus years, to try to find you a place to rent a board if you wanted to. He told me he has never seen boards for rent because the water is to calm unless tropical depression or worse yet a hurricane is in the area. According to him the best spot in Jamaica for this sport and rent a board is on the east/south east side of the island.
    Irie Mon

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    As I said above, the sport is perfect for calm water. You could do it in a swimming pool. I'll just have to try it here at Isle of Palms sometime.

    I'm not really interested in leaving the resort; there is enough to keep us occupied at Couples. I just wanted to pass on the suggestion for a future activity which several guests would enjoy for the novelty.

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