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    Default AirTran/Atlanta customs

    Thinking about flying AirTran to Jamaica. We will be connecting thru Atlanta. Concerns about going thru customs on our way back. Can anyone let me know their experiences going customs at Atlanta. I have heard about some bad experiences.

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    not the friendliest bunch in customs but if you just stay in the line and answer their questions (don't ask any!), it usually goes fast. Have your paper work ready. You will get your luggage briefly before it goes through the final screening. This is where you want to make sure that ANY AND ALL liquid bought at the Mobay airport is taken out of your carry on and put through your checked baggage. You will see people trading out all kinds of clothing for the rum or whatever very fast!

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    Hi. We've connected through Atlanta a number of times. No problem mon. Razzl

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    We had a 7 hour lay over in Atlanta before our connecting flight to Detroit. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and it took us about 30 min to get through customs. We are Canadian so we had to go in the foreigners line which was a little longer and slower than the US citizens line. We saw people who were on our plane breezing through that line.

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    We are also booking an AirTran flight from Detroit which has a connection in Atlanta. We flew through Atlanta last summer and went through customs with no problems. It was very quick and easy--no worries.

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    We had no problems on our way back to Milwaukee on a Saturday afternoon this past December.

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