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    Default Weather in October

    Can anyone tell me how the weather is on early October at CTI? I am hoping it is still a nice 85 degrees! My husband and I went in June 2 years ago and loved the weather. Unfortunately, the only time we are able to go this year is in October. I just don't want it to be cool.

    Thanks in advance!

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    see website below for average information

    October Weather Averages for Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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    We have been to Jamaica twice and boh times in OCt and he weather has been beautiful. Had couple fo days of rain but for the most part wonderful. You are in Jamaica it cant be bad.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    We have been there in the middle of October (once to CSS and once to CSA).It is normally around 80 degrees and rains for about 30 minutes most days around 3:00 in the afternoon. It is kind of refreshing though. We like to sit at the pool-side bar and play games, sit on our verandah, or take a nap when this happens.

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    I was there this past October and it was beautiful. Aside from a day of wind due to Hurricane Sandy.

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    2 years ago October (late Oct) we had a lot of wind, rough water, etc due to a storm out to sea. A few rainy days. This past October (again late) we had 3-4 days of closed beach (all furniture removed), closed pool (furniture IN the pool) and rain both pre and post Sandy. The temps in October are great, but it IS still hurricane season so you take a chance, I suppose. We're moving our Fall trip to early December for 2014.

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    You're only problem will be tropical storms or hurricanes. September and October are tough months.
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    You don't have to worry about the temperature but October is THE RAINIEST month of the year. We have been there when the place flooded. It is just luck. Some weeks in October could be perfectly fine.

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