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    This is our first time to AN in Dec. would we feel more comfortable/relaxed a CSS or CTI? And is there any nightlife at either?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
    This is our first time to AN in Dec. would we feel more comfortable/relaxed a CSS or CTI? And is there any nightlife at either?
    I think you can be as comfortable or relaxed at either depending on your expectations. It's all Irie Mon! When in December are you going? We have never met anyone who is not enjoying themselves AN and it's up to you how involved or private you wish to be.
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    The a/n beach at CSS is much larger than CTI's island, and CSS has actual a/n beach and pool. If it would make you more comfortable to have more space between yourselves and other guests, then CSS would be the better option for your first a/n experience. We were at CSS last month. When we went to the a/n beach, there were a few couples at the pool, but we had the entire beach to ourselves.

    When we went to Tower Island, there were only two other couples, so it wasn't difficult to find a place away from others. If a lot of couples go over, however, solitude could be more of an issue b/c, again, it's much smaller in size than the a/n area at CSS.
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    When we went to Tower Island, there were only two other couples, so it wasn't difficult to find a place away from others. If a lot of couples go over, however, solitude could be more of an issue b/c, again, it's much smaller in size than the a/n area at CSS.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

    When did you go to TI? same time frame? i think that december will be a bit busier... when we go in October, theres quite a few people out there, but in no way crowded... when we go in february, its more like get there before 10am if you want a lounger by the pool...

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    We've been to both. Recommend CSS for the various options available including the possibility of more privacy or joining in individual or group discussions at the pool. You get to decide the amount of contact with other very nice couples. At CTI the ocean is beautiful, but no food there unless you bring it. CTI is a relatively small area. CSS serves a great lunch. We enjoyed Jheanel at CSS and Sheldon at CTI (great bartenders).


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    Here's what I can tell you Beowulf... Sunset Beach at CSS is the most relaxing, comfortable place to be au-natural I can imagine. (Have not been to CTI so I can't compare from experience.) It's surely great and relaxing over there, too. But with no boat ride necessary, and with a large beach to stretch out on, food available so you don't have to leave and come back, I would tend to suggest Sunset Beach.

    From what I have read on this board, and having witnessed an "invasion" of Sunset Beach by Tower Islanders on a rough seas day, I would say it is a bit more spirited and social at CTI. If that would make you more comfortable, then consider that. The "invasion", by the way, was a HAPPY one! Those TI'ers were great!

    My wife and I have been to Sans Souci three years in a row and Sunset Beach was our first experience on an au-natural beach. If you can't relax on SSB, then you most likely won't relax on any nude beach. Your curiosity and willingness to ask the question tells me you will be fine. Just give it a chance, early in your stay, and don't be too quick to judge. The people at Sunset Beach are friendly, respectful and non-judgmental. Is it possible to meet a disagreeable person or two there. Of course, but that's life anywhere.

    The existence of Sunset Beach as an au-natural beach REALLY compliments Couples Sans Souci as a resort. The whole place is much more than the sum of its parts, and SSB is a big part of that. Tower Island must do the same for CTI. My wife and I will be at Sans Souci from Nov. 28th to Dec. 6th. We are really looking forward to it. Might try a day pass to visit Tower Island!

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    Thanks for the info. Is there any type of nightlife at either I.E. clubs,disco, any socializing? Does it just depend on the crowd that happens to be there?

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    I don't think there are any night activities at CTI. As for Sunset Beach, there is a disco party by the SSB pool (not au-natural), after the amazing Friday night gala on the main lawn. There have also been occasional "arranged" au-natural get togethers over there from what I have read. These are not regularly scheduled events. There is ongoing discussion of a scheduled evening au-natural party there. It would be nice.

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    Tower Island you can get off the boat and turn right and hide until you get up to get a drink. It maybe the small, but is also the most private. Go over early and relax.

    CSS maybe bigger, but is an open area, with no place to hide until you relax with the AN experience. CSS also has a steam and public beach next to it, so locals may see you when you go out on the beach and into to water.

    We were at both AN areas in July and in our option, Tower Isle is the place for us. Nice pool, great bar tender, and private. You can sit down and look into the ocean with no one setting in front of you or walking in front of you. Not just rows of chairs lined up in the sand and around the pool.

    When you relax at ether, you will be in the pool and having a good time.

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    Having been to both I think you can relax and be comfortable at either, it really just depends on what you want. My wife and I went to SSB our first time going A/N and LOVED it. Yes, there is a public beach in eye sight but it really never had many people on it, and those people didn't care that we were there so they didn't look. It was nice having the beach, but my wife and I are not huge beach (sand) people so our 'beach' time was simply sitting in the chair staring out in the ocean. The bar/pool/grill combo was perfect! You never had to leave SSB if you didn't want to (which a few days we didn't) but we left for lunch many times just to try out all the wonderful food. We met many a great people there our fist trip. Our second trip, back to SSB. We met even more great people that year, so much so that we still keep in contact with 3 of the couples we met. This past year, we met back up with 2 of them at CTI.

    CTI was a blast! The island is just so beautiful to look at, when you get there is just as pretty. The views, the waves, the breeze, the bar.... who needs anything else?! The biggest downfall of TI (for us) was the lack of food on the island. We got around this a few times by grabbing a plate and bringing it over if we wanted, most other times it was a nice break from the sun, so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We met even more great people at CTI and are already planning our annual trip back next year, with the same 2 couples we met back up with plus 2 or 3 other couples we met this year. I think that TI may be a more social atmosphere due to it being a little smaller, but I also think that your vacation is what you make it. At SSB our 2nd time there, the pool area was empty for the first 2 days we were there. Finally, my wife and I decided to just get in and have some fun, did some shots, as people walked by, got them to do shots, etc. By the end of the day, the pool was packed, the bar was packed, the beach was empty, and friendships were made.

    Have fun, relax and enjoy. You will have a great time no matter which resort you choose.

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    Hey there. My hubby and I went Au Natural the first time on our wedding-moon in April (2009) @ CSS. My husband was very very hesitant at first and I really never thought he'd ever agree to go, but finally, after the coaxing from some awesome couples we met there (they came to our wedding) he finally agreed. The day before we had to leave we went to the Sunset Beach and had a blast! My hubby was so scared at first, and I was very nervous but just wanted to do it to say I did it, but we wound up loving it so much! We had even more fun there than the "regular" beach. People were more relaxed, and so friendly. It's weird to say that people can be more down to earth when naked, but I swear it seemed that way. I can imagine the people at the Au Natural are just like "Hey, we're here to have fun and just don't care! Take us as we are." It was so fun and we will spend much more time there WHEN we go back. You just have a good time wherever you go....I know you will!

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