This will be my second time at a Couples resort. Went to CSA in 2009 (with an ex that was supposed to be my honeymoon but we called the wedding off) -oh snap, lol. I loved CSA but my current boyfriend does not want to go there because of the previous trip, which I don't blame him. The beach there was gorgeous! However my boyfriend is not a 'beach" person. He loves the mountains. I am an obsessed beach person. It is my true love in life. Which leads me to making this vacation the best for both us. I thought of CSS. It has a beach & is kinda in the mountains. My question, which I can't find the answer to...I know the beach area is much smaller than that go CSA & CN BUT is the water clear there? I'm afraid I am going to get there & not love the beach...We looked at CN but just didn't love the resort part of it. If only I could take CSS grounds & put it on CSA beach!! Lol