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    This will be my second time at a Couples resort. Went to CSA in 2009 (with an ex that was supposed to be my honeymoon but we called the wedding off) -oh snap, lol. I loved CSA but my current boyfriend does not want to go there because of the previous trip, which I don't blame him. The beach there was gorgeous! However my boyfriend is not a 'beach" person. He loves the mountains. I am an obsessed beach person. It is my true love in life. Which leads me to making this vacation the best for both us. I thought of CSS. It has a beach & is kinda in the mountains. My question, which I can't find the answer to...I know the beach area is much smaller than that go CSA & CN BUT is the water clear there? I'm afraid I am going to get there & not love the beach...We looked at CN but just didn't love the resort part of it. If only I could take CSS grounds & put it on CSA beach!! Lol

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    The water is not clear like, say, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. The bottom can be an issue for some. It's some sandy and wonderful. BUT CSS is wonderful. It seems like a good compromise for you to have your (not perfect) beach and your boyfriend to be able to explore a hilly, jungle-like terrain. Just go knowing that CSS is wonderfully different than CSA and that you are really with the love of your life this time! We were there during Hurricane Sandy and CSS during is a hurricane is still a great vacation!

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    The water in Ocho isn't as clear as CSA or CN because at both CSS and CTI you are in a smaller bay, where the water gets deeper quicker. It's the shallow water of Negril that gives it the clear/turquoise look. I'm happy to share our beach pics of both CTI and CSS -
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    CSA does have the best beach of all four resorts. Calm, clear, turquoise waters with a gentle slope walking out and no rocks or seaweed. There are also some live starfish out there if you look close enough. CSS is a private small beach in a cove. This is more of a man made beach with different sand than on the Six Mile Beach at Negril. There are also some larger rocks and seaweed in the water. When looking out into the Caribbean the turquoise water is over the sand, which lets you see the color, while the darker areas you see are over the seaweed and coral. The water quality itself is not that different. Both usually have calm water to take you floatie out into.

    CSS does have some nicer pools though and several secluded romantic places where you can relax with your love. If you go to compare the beaches you will be dissapointed. If you go to relax and soak in the Couples love you will be fine. I believe that if you are with the one you love all else falls in place.

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    The beautiful views make up for the beach..which while lovely and plenty good enough for me, will never be Negril

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    CSS main beach/water from April 2008

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    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Your commentary about the beaches being so important to you make me feel you need to re-explore CN.

    We have stayed at CSS & CN twice and visited both CTI & CSA. Our favorites remain CSS & CN.

    CSS is my absolute favorite, I think the grounds there are by far the most incredible and most romantic of all 4. The beach is much much different than the Negril beaches. It is a private cove beach, so no long strolls on the beach (you walk the gorgeous grounds instead). I love that all rooms have an ocean view, all rooms have room service for all meals. I love having several pools/hot tubs to choose from. The Spa huts on the cliff are hard to beat! Pierre the GM is hard to beat. The Friday Night Gala is incredible.

    CN, in my opinion has the best beach of the 4. I prefer Bloody Bay to CSA's Seven Mile Beach. CSA's beach is so narrow (skinny) where CN's is much wider (though not as long, long enough) I love the pool at CN being the "epicenter" of the resort. I like the eclectic decor, and that everything is much more compact than CSA or CSS.

    I personally love CSS, but I am concerned about you being such a beach person. Remember no Cat trip from CSS but you do have Dunns River.

    Enjoy whatever you decide. Realize they are all different, and that is why we each have our favorites, we all have our own personal preferences.


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    CSS 08, 10
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    marie, we booked CSS. I am just happy to get to Jamaica! I am a beach person to the core but I compromise with the other half. You have no idea how much convincing it took him to get out of the country! he's actually getting his passport tomorrow. So if he likes CSS well enough, CN will be my next target

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    Amy, if that is how the beach looks when we go...I will be happy, happy!!

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