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    Default weather in April/May May?

    I am planning a trip to CSA for the end of April next year and wondering what the weather is like? We visited CN this year in February the weather was perfect except the day we took the catamaran cruise . The price difference is quite a bit

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    We've been to CN the first week of May and in my opinion the weather was ideal- warm (not stifling hot), with only one day of rain.

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    It's technically a rainy season but in the tropics it's always a chance of rain. People will tell you no worries and an afternoon shower every day is nice. That's best case though. During May last year it rained 6/7 days for us. Mostly in the afternoon or evening. It was disappointing a little but the most fun of any day was the day it stormed all day. We all crowded under the swim up bar and had the best time with new friends. So even if it rains make the best of it. We always go in May or June and its hit or miss. You cant predict so just go and enjoy.

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    If you do a little research you will find that temperatures change very little from summer to winter in Jamaica. They do have a rainy season where you get a bit more rain, usually in the way of an afternoon shower.

    That being said, we usually book in April and haven't had any terrible weather. Last year we had a few days of higher winds and some waves at the beach, but still warm and mostly sunny.

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    I've been twice in April, weather was Irie! Never saw rain, humidity was low, no bugs... Have fun!

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    The price drops in the Caribbean after Easter so that's the main reason. We have been going to Jamaica in April since 2005 and out of 80 days, I bet we've had maybe 10 days with rain, and that includes those showers that last only an hour. Most of that was also in Ocho, not Negril, so you should be fine.

    Here are the temperature and rain averages for Negril:
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    We used to go in Feb too as the weather was great for us also. Now we go in April(50 sleeps!!) We've had good weather. Last year we had alot of humidity the first day or so but it was hot and sunny, have fun

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    April can be dry (or so I'm told... we'll be there late April for the first time this year), and then the weather pattern breaks and it can be a bit more rainy in May (when we normally go). Our experience the last two years (October 2011 and May 2012) had more rain than we had experienced in many years.

    The upshot is that its a tropical paradise... ample rain + ample sunshine = lush, tropical beauty... its a simple equation, and we'll take it whenever we can.

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