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    Default CSS Experts! Nachos & Cheese and the Mineral Bar

    Are nachos and warm cheese available anywhere at CSS? It's a late afternoon staple for us when we stay at CN!

    We do not go to SSB. Nachos with salsa were available on the room service menu at CSS the last time we were there...but I noticed the menu has changed and nachos are no longer available.

    The last time we were at CSS we didn't go to the Mineral Bar at all...can anyone enlighten me as to what is available there? Fresh fruit smoothies? Any snacks?

    Thanks so much! 15 days to CSS!!! We CANNOT wait to be home again!!!

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    Hi, I'm not sure if the menu on the website is complete. When we were at CSS over Christmas, you could still order nachos from room service. They also had some yummy spicy wings that were on the menu in our room, but I don't see on the room service menu posted on the site.

    I understand you don't go to SSB; however, they did have nachose with cheese sauce everyday......

    Have a great trip.

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    We too ordered the nachos from room service most days to enjoy with a late afternoon cocktail and we'll be disappointed if they are not available when we get there in April. Hopefully, we can substitute popcorn from the beach bar.

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    We had heard about how great the room service nachos were, and were very disappointed when we were there in August and they had just changed the menu and were no longer offering them. From SuzyQ's post, it sounds like they put them back on the menu. I hope it stays that way and that I am not disappointed again this coming August! :-)

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